Saturday, August 29, 2009

Betsy - The Hippy Cop

Today we meet 48 year old Betsy Bolan from New Hampshire. Betsy is a bad ass police officer and a former addict. She's been clean and sober for over 20 years and now she just kicks assailants in the head to get her high. She's a former hippy so I'm going to guess that she loved to drink, smoke weed, and ride the wave that is LSD. Betsy probably followed the Dead around and sold handmade jewelry out of the back of her van. She fantasized about living on a commune somewhere in New England weaving fabric, growing her armpit hair, and tending to a tomato garden. Love interfered, law enforcement came calling, and she made some babies. No more toots off her bong.

She has an annoying accent but I have a feeling she won't take crap from anyone. This mom of 4 can smell bullshit (or the sweet scent of marijuana) from a mile away and I'm thinking she has no problem going toe to toe with an evil male. In the beginning all the men will assume she's weak and physically nonthreatening, but I'm hoping Betsy's tough exterior and years on the mean streets of New Hampshire can show those young smartass pretty boys a thing or two.

Betsy's story isn't all drugs and handcuffs. Her husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer and he doesn't have health insurance. Yikes. That sucks. BUT, like I say in BB, someone's personal story is not a reason for them to win. Were she to make it to the Finals her story could come in handy and tug on some heart strings, but like every other 40 something female contestant before her, I'm not expecting her to last that long. She may make it to the merge, but after that I'm thinking she's history. Keep in mind, I'm never right in my predictions so just read what I say and expect the opposite.

She's tough and sassy and I can't really pick on her yet. I liked her from the get go and I hope she impresses me. If she's physically weak, she'll be outta there before you can say, "You have the right to remain silent..."


That accent is gonna drive me nuts.

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