Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brett - The Unstylish Do Gooder

Brett Clouser is 23 and has horrible taste in t-shirts. I could end this post right here and I'd be satisfied, but for shits and giggles let learn a little more about young Brett. Oh dear... he's a clothing enterpeneur and I'm thinking that t-shirt is one of his creations. He wants a socially conscious company that will help the planet and be nice to people. So basically he's copying that TOMS shoe guy. You know that guy who gives a pair of shoes to shoeless children for every pair you buy. That TOMS guy is a cutey and he's engaged to actress Maggie Grace. I loved her on LOST, but I loved her even more when she played a young self-centered lesbian in the JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB. She's really hot. Ok so back to Brett. Brett wants to be like the TOMS guy and date actresses I guess.

Brett plans on wooing the ladies big time. He's going to flirt his way to the merge and try not to break any hearts in the process. Oh please. Look at this guys face. He's a puppy dog. He'll fall madly in love with all the young ladies and he'll be the one crying into his rice over being heartbroken. At least that's what I hope happens. I'd love to see a real romance and then have it all go to hell. Misery. That's what I want.

Brett loves to be in the great outdoors as opposed to hitting the gym daily. He probably eats trail mix and Clif bars as he drinks electrolyte infused water while hiking in the mountains. OK so I totally just semi-described myself in that last sentence. I can't live without my Clif bars and electrolyte water. Brett could do really well in the challenges actually. He likes extreme outdoor sports and loves to run. This kid could be a definite physical threat. I'm predicting he'll be overly politically correct and will last until at least the merge.


I can't get past the t-shirt.

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  1. He's gonna be my new best friend!!! ;) I don't know what ur saying! I LOVE his T-shirts and he actually made me one! I asked him in a fan letter to make me a "Cancer Survivor" T-shirt and he did and it looks really good! Now I'm a "survivor" just like him! Haha but seriously I love him! He is the nicest person that you will ever meet! And he doesn't curse so that's a plus! I'm hanging out with him for New Years so look out!!! Haha