Monday, August 31, 2009


OK kiddies... we've got our Survivor Samoa Tribes. This isn't really a spoiler in that it doesn't ruin anything in the game, but if you prefer to be surprised on September 17th then read no further.

The first tribe is called the GALU TRIBE ('Galu' means "a wave, a breaker; to be rough, to break heavily on a reef") and they will be wearing Purple Buffs. The Galu Tribe is as follows:

Brett Clouser Age: 23 Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif. Occupation: T-Shirt Designer

Dave Ball Age: 38 Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif. Occupation: Fitness Instructor

Erik Cardona Age: 28 Hometown: Ontario, Calif. Occupation: Bartender

John Fincher Age: 25 Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif. Occupation: Rocket Scientist

Kelly Sharbaugh Age: 25 Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif. Occupation: Hairstylist

Laura Morett Age: 39 Hometown: Salem, Ore. Occupation: Office Manager

Monica Padilla Age: 25 Hometown: San Diego, Calif. Occupation: Law Student

Russell Swan Age: 42 Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Occupation: Lawyer

Shannon Waters Age: 45 Hometown: Renton, Wash. Occupation: Sales

Yasmin Giles Age: 33 Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif. Occupation: Hairstylist

The second tribe is the FOA FOA TRIBE ('Foa Foa' means "a conch shell used as a war horn") and they will be wearing Yellow Buffs. The Fao Fao Tribe consists of:

Ashley Trainer Age: 22 Hometown: Maple Grove, Minn.Occupation: Spa Sales

Ben Browning Age: 28 Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif. Occupation: Mixologist

Betsy Bolan Age: 48 Hometown: Campton, N.H. Occupation: Police Officer

Elizabeth Kim Age: 33 Hometown: New York, N.Y.Occupation: Attorney

Jaison Robinson Age: 28 Hometown: Chicago, Ill. Occupation: Law Student

Marisa Calihan Age: 26 Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio Occupation: Student

Mick Trimming Age: 33 Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif. Occupation: Doctor

Mike Borassi Age: 62 Hometown: Marina del Rey, Calif Occupation: Personal Chef

Natalie White Age: 26 Hometown: Van Buren, Ark.Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales

Russell Hantz Age: 36 Hometown: Dayton, Texas Occupation: Oil Company Owner

Both teams have exactly 5 women and 5 men. Rumors are floating about 2 people being removed due to evacuations but I'm not going to look into it any further. Some things I need to be a surprise and medical emergencies are definitely one of the highlights of the show.

The first thing standing out to me is the ages of the contestants. It's nice to see a good variety. At least the average age isn't 24.

Ok who's getting excited now? I know I am!


  1. While I do love Big Brother, I am a true Survivor fan so hell ya, I'm excited! My family teases me all the time because they know not to call me when either are on, I even got my 17 yr old kinda hooked. By the way she loves your blogs too, she always knows when I'm reading it cuz I'm cracking up so I'll share the funny part with her and we both laugh. So glad your blogging on Survivor!

  2. I love both BB and survivor ....we always get into the habit of saying .. "the Tribe has spoken" as in Kids time for bed .. the tribe has spoken ..LOL

    That being said I LOVE YOU BLOGS !!! I am bitchy too ( or so I have been told a little to often )

  3. Wow, people in their 40s (and above). Hallelujah !

  4. Ok so could any more of these contestants be from Los Angeles???? You can't tell me they didn't receive more apps from other city/states! Thousands I'm sure apply to get on and yet out of the 20, 7 are from L.A. alone, with a total of 10 being from California all together. Now I live in San Diego, CA (Go Monica!) myself, but I just find that ridiculous!!!

  5. ok they have a cook for creative rice and fish meals, and a doctor to tend to their owies and broken asses, and 2 hairstylists to do their hair before evictions (oh wait no hairdryers or scissors) sounds fun....