Friday, September 4, 2009

Elizabeth: Boring Goody Goody

Today we meet the bright sunshiney Elizabeth Kim. She was born in South Korea, but grew up in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Wait a tic... hold up! Franklin Lakes? Isn't that where the Real Housewives Of New Jersey come from? Oh please tell me she wants new bubbies and has a penchant for flipping tables. I so miss Guiseppie, Giancarlo, Guido and whatever the hell else their names were. OK so Elizabeth has like 18 degrees from every Ivy League school on the east coast. I'm not kidding. She's an attorney turned urban planner and she does boring industrial real estate stuff for the New York government.

OK Elizabeth is already making me yawn. She doesn't know if she'll tell the other castmastes how smart she is in her real life. Good Elizabeth. My loyal BBBB readers know I can't stand bitches (AKA Laura) who go around telling everyone how wonderful they are. Bitches like that need to be taken out the horse track and set free.

The most we can hope for from Elizabeth, as far as entertainment, is if she puts her foot in her mouth. Apparently, she's not scared to speak her mind and is extremely opinionated. Blah blah blah she's runs and plays tennis and is an all around goody goody. Bo-ring! If she's not good in the challenges I can see her hitting the road kind of early on. She'll be dead weight and not a hardcore upfront player. I think she'll try to lay low and keep her mouth shut for as long as possible, but (hopefully) she'll say something really inappropriate and piss off one of the douchey young guys. Fingers crossed for an all out verbal assault.


She's a snot.

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