Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jaison - Is He Really That Perfect?

Today we meet 28 year old Jaison Robinson. Does he remind anyone else of Sandhurst from Make Me A Supermodel? Anyhow, Jaison is a smarty pants working to get his law degree from the University of Chicago. It appears as if this over achiever declined a congressional nomination to attend either the Air Force or the Naval Academy. Jesus Christ this guy's resume reads like a parent's wet dream. Cosmopolitan magazine named him Mr. California and he's climbed to the tippy top of some ginormous Venezuelan mountain. Jaison is wayyy into sports and was even on the U.S. National Water Polo team. If you thought this guy wasn't already nauseatingly perfect, he always plays the cello and the piano.

Seriously, Jaison too good to be true. There has to be something wrong with him. Don't worry. I'll find it. He dreams of climbing Everest and likes to play strategic thinking/deception games for fun. Mr. Robinson could be a MAJOR threat in Samoa. He's got the gift of persuasion (from his Law studies) and the gift of strong physical prowess on his side. If he doesn't emerge as a leader early on, then he will definitely be a behind the scenes manipulator. I kind of like him. He'll try to use intellect and savvy to win the game, but he's not above betraying a person or two to get ahead. That's what I like to hear.

If Jaison lives up to his reputation, he could go very far. As long as his social skills are as finely honed as his other appealing attributes, he should do just fine. If he's likable, watch out because he'll be tough to beat.


I sure hope he has a sense of humor somewhere.

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