Wednesday, September 9, 2009

John - Rocket Man

Today we meet the Survivor contestant I've already heard the menopausal sect swoon over. This is John Fincher. He's 25 and he happens to be a rocket scientist. He's cocky, he's intelligent, he's charming, he plays soccer, he's easy on the eyes, and I think I might have to hate him. I try to make it a habit to root for the people no one else will root for (see Lydia Tavera - BB11). It stirs up controversy, gets people talking, and cements my reputation as a bitch. Mr. John Fincher here has already caught the eye of Joe Public which means I might have to loathe him by default. John is from L.A. which makes me think he was recruited... and I'm thinking he was recruited for something other than his brain.

To make him even more of a pretty boy stereotype, Johnny Boy grew up with money. He's world traveled and probably speaks 18 languages. I won't hold that against him. I think someone's personal wealth should have no bearing on the outcome of a game like Survivor. Survivor isn't a charity. It's a challenge.

John knows he's good looking and he's banking on his lothario lashes to help him win over the ladies. Have we met a guy yet this season who hasn't called himself a ladies man? Surely, not all of them can be Casanovas. John could win me over though. If he's arrogant and evil (kind of like Sebastian in Cruel Intentions or Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl) then I could most certainly learn to love him. I like that he finds stupid people amusing. That means that he likes to play with them and exploiting the stupid for personal gain always makes for good television.

I think John's biggest obstacle won't be the game itself, but will be the other young men in the game. He'd do well to make a quick bromance or 2, recruit some young lovelies, and take out all the older contestants before the young turn on themselves and eat each other alive. Any brave scheming ladies would benefit from keeping emotion out of everything when dealing with Mr. Fincher. He'll most definitely heartlessly use someone to get ahead and I'd advise the sexy womenfolk to do the same. I'm predicting he'll make it to at least the merge, but a mutiny or dissension in the ranks could be his ultimate demise.


After seeing his video, I hate him. He actually said he's too pretty for radio. Is it too early to hope he gets a horrible flesh infection?


  1. Lala,

    I have been righteously opposed to survivor since the first season when Kelly was defeated by a ruthless and jealous jury. But I shall be your willing slave and follow you on this journey. Damn, reality TV has me again.

  2. Excellent Deion. Welcome aboard. The journey will be long, arduous, and will no doubt wreak havoc on our hair, but it will be all worth it in the end. Trust me.

    P.S. You liked Kelly?!? Ewww.