Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kelly - My Early Favorite

OK so how cute is she? I love her. I know... I know... I did this with Lydia too, but I have a good feeling about Kelly. Kelly is a 25 year old hairstylist and lives in Southern California. I'm sure she's another recruit, but I dig her so it's ok. She's edgy, she's traveled cross country several times, and she "embraces the unknown". Like all wild children, she has a penchant for tattoos (I have 3). She has the word "cuidado" (Spanish for "careful") on her forearm and the word "trouble" on her left foot.

Kelly has an open-minded free spirit outlook on life and likes to live life to the fullest. Her huge infectious personality could be good for her in this game as long as she's not bossy or annoying. She likes to set small goals for herself with hopes of always reaching the greater good. Awww isn't she precious?

OK and because Kelly is my early favorite, she gets a video (Actually, all the cast profiles are being updated with videos so be sure to check all the past posts). In it she reveals that she thinks the cast in attractive and she hopes that when she finally meets everyone properly they're as attractive inside as they are out. Her official picture doesn't do her justice, she's stunning in this video. Easily the prettiest girl of the season.

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