Friday, September 11, 2009

Marisa - Hard Working Farm Girl

Marisa Calihan is a 26 year old student and I absolutely hate her photo right here. Why didn't the photographer tell her to stand in a more flattering pose? She's obviously fit, but with her hip cocked like that she looks chunky. I'd totally pull a Jen Johnson and cry my eyes out if this was my photo. I'm just saying.

Marisa was born on a farm in Ohio with lots of adopted and blood siblings running around. She's lived abroad in third world helping children with no plumbing. Seriously? She's pretty hardcore if she did that for several years. I could never do that. My idea of traveling abroad is eating a watermelon soaked in vodka in front of the Duomo in Florence (Yes, it really happened. Don't ask.) So yeah this chick is a nice person who's worked hard all her life and likes to give back. I can't hold that against her. After her overseas jaunts, she's returned home to head back to school and help out her family. The prize money would mean the world to her and her family and she's counting on her resourcefulness to help her in the game.

OK now I'm going to watch her video...

Hmmm you know what? I kind of like her. She's a little bohemian and it sounds like she had some crazy free loving hippy parents. I don't like how she called herself pretty a lot, but I have a feeling she didn't mean it in a conceited way at all. Can't you see her totally being besties with Kelly? They've both got that free spirit low maintenance thing about them. I've got no problems with Marisa so far. Although, I must say I don't think she'll last too long. She may hang around til the merge, but not too much longer than that.

Please to enjoy:

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