Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mike - You Gotta Like Him

Today we meet Mike. Mike is 62 and has a weird goatee thingie going on. Anyhow, he's a personal chef from California who used to coach football at Boston University. Oh! He could have some amazing leadership skills that he could apply to his tribe. Too bad his age might work against him. He's married with no kids and admits to doing or saying anything to win Survivor. Nice. I can get behind that. He likes to read, garden, and work out. Sounds like a well rounded type of guy.

Mike has no patience for bad drivers, Republicans, and bigots. Haha! I can so relate. If you really want to piss him off, rearrange his kitchen equipment. He's obsessed with all things Survivor and lost 30 lbs by working out with a personal trainer in preparation for the show. How much would that suck if he got eliminated first just because of his age? He's seen every episode and was actually almost cast on last season's show. He must be one of the alternates we were told about last month. He plans to lay low rather than make immediate aggressive moves. He'll hold back on his leadership inclinations and just try to let them out slowly as the game progresses. Good plan. Not wise to come on like gangbusters at the get go.

Ok now I'm going to watch his video...

I can't not like this guy. He's definitely not a recruit and he obviously LOVES Survivor. I can see him being more comic relief rather than a father figure. If he gets past the first elimination I'd like to see him team up with some younger players and last as long as possible. That first elimination is going to be crucial for him. I hope he makes it.

Please to enjoy:

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