Sunday, September 13, 2009

Natalie - Weirdly Missing

Natalie has the shortest bio out of them all. She's from Arkansas and she works in phramaceutical sales. She's a Southern Belle who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty if needed. OK I'm already bored with her. She says she's scrappy and competitive and will change her game plan accordingly. Well, I hope she's telling the truth about being scrappy. It would be a nice change to see a Southern Belle get down and dirty and give the guys a run for their money. I could support someone like that. She looks like she'd be a recruit, but actually she still lives in Arkansas and is currently in a relationship.

Let's watch her video and see if we can learn something more substantial about her...

Well damn... I can't find Natalie's video. It looks like someone over at CBS fucked up and uploaded Ashley's video twice or else they were as bored with her as I was. As soon as I find her video I'll upload it.

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