Monday, September 14, 2009

Russell H. - The Villain

Another bald guy named Russell. What are the odds? Russell Hantz is a 36 year old Texan. He's a father of four and weighs in at a solid 200 lbs in his teeny tiny 5'6" frame. Little ole Russell here already has a multi million dollar business in the oil tanking industry. Please tell me he shoots golf balls off of his tanker at the Green Peace boats. Tell me which movie I'm referencing and you're a genius.

Burly Russell isn't going on Survivor to make friends. He's going on Survivor to kick some major ass. He's speaks his mind and won't apologize for playing dirty. Hmmm I think I like him already. I'm always on the hunt for a good villain. He's going to convince everyone to like him for being so lovable and then he'll slice their chests open and eat their hearts for breakfast. Ok so maybe I made up that last part, but I woudn't put it past him. If I recall correctly, Jeff Probst has already labelled Russell H. as the most evil villain ever in Survivor history. He's going to be a lot of fun I can already tell.

Let's check out his video...

Oh my! He wants us to call him the Puppet Master. LOL This guy is probably a total asshole in real life, but on Survivor I might just fall in love with him for being so evil. He could the first Kaiser Soze in Survivor history... convincing everyone the devil doesn't even exist. Love it!

Please to enjoy:

Check out his very own promo currently airing on CBS:


  1. Armageddon. Love it. The definition of a guilty pleasure.

    I'll be interested in seeing if this guy can really beat out that delightfully sleazy Johnny Fairplay as Survivor's biggest villian. I have my doubts...

    ~ Carrie
    (I haven't come up with a clever nickname for myself yet. Guess I'm not that much of a genius! My 2-year-old is driving me nutty and I'm a little brain dead right now!)

  2. Movie - I am legend???

  3. Okay, one episode in and my doubts have been laid to rest. This guy is diabolical, in ways Mr. Fairplay could never even dream of. I can't decide if good ol' Johnny is watching while giggling and rubbing his hands together with glee, or if he's burning up with jealousy. Probably both, although I can't see him being delighted in having his Biggest Survivor Villian title snatched from him.

    A good villian makes things interesting, so I hope this guy is around for a little while, but I don't see him winning. He's already telling elaborate lies that he'll have to make sure he doesn't trip on later. The other players will (hopefully) catch on eventually and then his only chance will be winning immunity every week. Could be done, but I predict this guy is on the jury at the end. Obviously, seeing his flame snuffed out will be a satisfying moment for Survivor fans.

    I couldn't help but wonder what past Survivors were thinking when he said he's only there to show how easy it is to win this game. Will he have to eat his words down the road?? The odds are for it - in 18 seasons of Survivor, only twice has the "Big Ego" won. Even Boston Rob came in second to Amber, and there's no arguing that he played the game hard.


  4. i wanted to pound his face into the ground after hearing about his little "dumb girl alliance". What, because they are attractive they are automatically dumb??? I hope this prick gets taken down next episode though i doubt he will. The guys are going to agree with everything he says because he's "strong", the "dumb girls" are going to catch on to his coniving ways (the ones that havent already that is) and are going to get picked off. Just wait and see! And then the men are going to look like a bunch of dumbshits because their every move was chosen by this sexiest asshole. Yet I guarantee they're going to be thought of as more intelligent because they stuck around longer. I hope that doesnt happen but in all my years watching S, that seems to be the formula.

  5. Carrie you are indeed correct! The answer is Armageddon. I'm making you a collage of macaroni, pine cones, and love in your honor. :)

  6. He's my hero. Not only is in the energy industry but he is smart and ruthless. I don't see how is strategy is going to carry to a win. I hope that I'm wrong.