Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Survivor 20 Cast Revealed!


Heaven has smiled down on me today my friends. It's as if unicorns and fairies fluttered down from the clouds, sat on my lap, stroked my hair, and said, "Today we make all your dreams come true." Bliss, I tell you, pure bliss. What in the sam hell am I talking about? The cast of Survivor 20 has been revealed bitches!

The premise is simple: Heroes vs. Villains. *giggles and claps* Seriously, what have I done to deserve this? It practically writes itself!

OK OK no more lollygagging. I give you the CAST OF SURVIVOR 20!


Colby Donaldson (Survivor: Australia)
Rupert Boneham (Survivor: Pearl Islands)
Stephanie LaGrossa (Survivor: Palau)
Tom Westman (Survivor: Palau)
Cirie Fields (Survivor: Panama)
Candice Woodcock (Survivor: Cook Islands)
Amanda Kimmel (Survivor: China)
James Clement (Survivor: China)
Sugar Kiper (Survivor: Gabon)
JT Thomas (Survivor: Tocantins)


Jerri Manthey (Survivor: Australia)
Rob Mariano (Survivor: Marquesas)
Sandra Diaz-Twine (Survivor: Pearl Islands)
Danielle DiLorenzo (Survivor: Panama)
Parvati Shallow (Survivor: Cook Islands)
Courtney Yates (Survivor: China)
Randy Bailey (Survivor: Gabon)
Coach Wade (Survivor: Tocantins)
Tyson Apostol (Survivor: Tocantins)

AND... wait for it...

Russell Hantz AKA Lucifer (Survivor: Samoa)

Seriously? Seriously?!? Lucifer, Jerry, Coach and Rupert all in one place? *looks outside* Yup, just what I thought. It's raining glitter! One name I'm extremely unthrilled to see is Amanda Kimmel. I call her Galumpy because she's a big, boring, awkward, waste of space who makes the sound "galump!" when she walks. I loathe her with every fiber of my being. Having said that, it'll be my distinct pleasure to point out every single one of her faults next season.

I'm hoping this list is accurate, but I cannot 100% guarantee it. I've seen various incarnations of it on several sites, but this one sounded the most reasonable. For the sake of this post (and my sanity), let's assume it's the real deal. What do you guys think? Some of these players have already been on 2 seasons, does that bother you? Whose name were you thrilled to see? Whose name made your ass twitch? Comment it out bitches and have a lovely sparkly day!


  1. Allen says:

    The first survivor voted out of Survivor 20 is:

    Jerri Manthey

    I'm sorry, Jerri, please bring me your torch.

  2. I love Boston Rob. Glad he'll be back in his element :)

  3. This list is awesome! Hope it is the real one, very excited about several but so glad to see Evil Russ-I love his game play.And Tom is my fav ever winner. I would have loved to see Terry the navy guy who came so close to winning

  4. ...and now I'm wondering how Boston Rob can possibly survive without female assistance.

  5. Seeing Jerri and Colby's names there just makes me wonder what the fuck I did to make God hate me so much....I mean seriously...WHY?

    Oh Rupert...one of the few nice guys that I liked...I just wished Shambo would be there cause I think they would click..tee hee and then I could call their alliance Rambo..lol

    Now I am not familiar with the rest of the cast except for Boston Rob and our lovable underworld master Lucifer...oh now I am getting chills because maybe just maybe Lucifer could drown Colby and Jerri and I will be rid of them forever...maybe God really does love me. lol

  6. So I'm assuming that because Russell is going to be on Survivor again he didn't win this season? If so, lets hope our little Shambolicious won & that's why she's not on season 20. Season 20?
    Damn, that went by quick.

  7. I hope this is accurate because I love it. Can't wait.

  8. Don't assume anything Sore Throat. A good percentage of the people on that list won their seasons.

  9. One more thing Sore Throat... this season was filmed IMMEDIATELY after the current season. Remember they read the votes live at the finale so even Lucifer doesn't know who won his season yet. I'm thinking he was invited back because he makes AMAZING tv - plain and simple.

  10. I just had a really crappy day at work and then - like magic! - my mood is instantly changed with this kick-ass list!! Oh please let it be accurate!! One question - is James Clement that gravedigger with the hot bod who had the idol & didn't play it? Hope so!! This is so awesome - thank you for posting this!!!

  11. Interesting cast. I heart Colby and Boston Rob.

    What happened to Jonny Fairplay??!! I wish he were coming back as one of the villians!

    And YAY for Lucifer!!

    Too bad Hassellbeck isn't coming back...hehe!! She could be a villian this time around!

  12. I love james.

    rest of the list is solid.

  13. Where is Johnny fairplay? seriously, he's the one I think that is missing.

    Can you see Cirie and Russell going at each other?

    This is AWESOME, the whole list is AWESOME,

  14. " All star " casts just prove how hard it is to find new compelling cast members. Do I want to see jeri like 10 years later all old and fugly? These people know what to expect and that takes away from the product. That and they think they're big deals and won't act natural.

  15. Wow - Rupert, Stephanie, Tom, and Sugar! Love them! And after last night, I'm glad to see Russell on the list too. Looks like an interesting cast! It'll have to be good to beat this season! Go Satan's Mullet! Go Rocket boy!

  16. I absolutely hated Candice from Pearl Islands...I hated almost that entire cast in fact. Just Yul, Ozzie and Cao Boi were any good

    There are some MEH people on this list too like Amanda, JT and Colby

    Some names I wish were on this list but arent:
    Shane (Panama)
    Ken (Gabon)
    Christy (Amazon)
    Rob C (Amazon)
    Gary (Guatemala)
    Yau-Man (Fiji)
    Earl (Fiji)

    It does bother me that some players are getting a 3rd crack at it though...and yes I know 2 people I list have been on twice

  17. I've been wondering how a different set of people would react to the caricature that is Coach , now(Yes, thankyou Allah) I will have that opportunity.

    But it's true that all star seasons take the edge off the personalities.

  18. The only names I hate on that list are Cirie, Poverty, Amanda & Danielle.

    I love COACH and RUSSELL <333333333

  19. I'm so excited for this!! Anyone have any info on when it starts? Hopefully right after this season of Survivor ends! There are some contestants I'd like to see again, but I can't remember their names.....just faces. I am NOT looking forward to seeing Coach and Pavarti, ugh! But - that said, it'll be great to see who clicks with who! Who will Russell make an alliance with first?

  20. Alicia, don't quote me on this, but I think it begins in February. :)

  21. Lucifer and Coach . . . Coach and Lucifer.
    Lucifer and Coach . . . Coach and Lucifer. . . . . . Fucking awesome! My hubby just wet his thong! Oh calm down people, he has a weird shoe fetish. He likes to wash shoes okay!
    Lucifer and Coach . . .Coach and Lucifer
    Lucifer and Coach . . . Coach & Lucifer . . .
    ohhhh my, my muffin just honeyed itself!
    Oh calm down people, it's just sex and anyway, how pretty did that sound!

  22. Looks like a pretty entertaining cast. Can't wait to see all the villains go at each other, after initially making an alliance.

  23. If that list is accurate, it all but guarentees Lucifer does not win. I really doubt they would bring back the winner of the last season for the next one. That list looks pretty great though, and I am excited to see Colby just because he was the first Survivor player I ever liked.

  24. Boston Rob, Lucifer AND Coach.... OMG....... That is like an orgasm on the tv of evil ness!!!!

  25. russell and sugar...fine with me. no corrine and i'm happy...can't stand tyson though.

  26. whats with this lucifer stuff? really, who expects survivor players to be ethical?

  27. What about Richard Hatch, Yau-Man, Johnny Fairplay, and Shambo? The cast is incomplete without them.

    I'm glad to see Rupert, Jerri and Rob but I had to look up the rest of the people to remember who they were. Some I didn't remember even after looking at their photo. So much for that. Someone commented that the list was "meh" and I totally agree (especially on the women's side).

    I hope that this list is partially inaccurate and after seeing tonight's promo, it may be. My fingers are crossed. :)

  28. To the Anonymous poster at 11:45 pm: Umm I'm a FAN OF LUCIFER. Pay attention.

  29. Actually, I hear Sugar goes first and Jerri goes quite far. I dislike the inclusion of contestants that have played twice already. And why does the mutiny-causing Candice get classed as a hero and the ever-so-loyal Coach get classed as a villain. And JT is not as much of a hero as Taj in my opinion. What revenge or redemption does he seek. Tocantins cast just handed him a million dollars on a plate.

  30. Myself personally I cant Stand RUSSELL...but I would have loved to see 'Evil Dick' from BB up against Russell..Johnny Fairplay is a "jerk' I did not care for the grandmother comment..sorry just me There is a way to play a game sneaky and yeah I know you have to tell a few 'fibs' here and there..but there is a limit