Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Survivor 20 Contestant That Should Have Been

With all the excitement over the official cast lineup (and proof that I am indeed omnipotent) for Survivor 20 (which is EXACTLY what I posted almost 2 months ago), I just had to contact my Survivor Insider and ask one all important question: Was Shambo asked to be on Survivor 20? If yes, then where the hell is she?! You see, I adore The Shambo and any opportunity to see my princess again needs to be taken, stroked, and lovingly nurtured.

Once again my Insider delivered not only the answer, but some KILLER gossip!

Here we go...

"Yes, she was asked to be on Survivor 20, but she said no because she was in such a dangerous physical state by the end of 19. Going without food and water for so long had taken its toll. By the time she got to Ponderosa her kidneys had almost shut down completely and she was put on a liquid macrobiotic diet for three weeks."


"The other thing people don't know is that on day 14, [Shambo] dislocated her neck during a challenge. It took the med team 2 hours to get it back in place, and she was on codeine for the rest of her time in the game. The day she sang "Eye [of] the Tiger" she was totally high on codeine."

I love it! Not the pain or injury part, but the fact that Shambo was totally wasted when singing that song.

"When she won the reward challenge and hung out with the Samoan tribe, they gave her Kava Kava (which is a potent pain-killer that makes you feel drunk). This is why she was so giggly that night with Jaison and Russell. She said it was the first time her neck was not hurting, and she loved it."

I want that kind of Kava Kava! I've got Kava Kava tea right here and it does nothing for me other than make me tinkle.

"Many people were wondering why she did so poorly in the physical challenges (especially softball, cuz she is really good at it) and the reason is the neck injury..."

OK here's the good part...

"It is a big secret, because supposedly once you get injured, you're not supposed to stay in the game if you need medication. But CBS wanted her to stay in the game. "

*bites fist* Awesome. That's the kind of dirt I love.

Poor Shambo. However, I'm thrilled CBS made the wise decision to keep her in the game. Smart move on their part.

So, where do we go from here with Shambo and Survivor? Well, if the rumors are true and the producers are planning to do a new season locale followed by an immediate taping of another All-Stars (just like with Samoa), then I have no doubt that the Shambolicious One will be back in due time.

I hope everyone is having a great 2010 and stay tuned because cast videos and my infamously wrong first impressions will be coming in the very near future. Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

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  1. WOW!!!! Of CoURSE CBS wanted to keep her in the game.... her and Lucifer made the show this season!!!! I remember her saying at the reunion show that her kindneys were shot... I am glad she is smart enough to take care of her body so she can kick some ASS in the future :)

  2. Thanks for the inside scoop! Loved it! And hope to see Shambo again.

  3. How Nancy Drew of you! LOVES it! I'm bummed the Shambolicious One will not be on the good v. evil show.

    The codeine tidbit explains sooo much. I'd be mellow too if I had some hard core narcotic out in the jungle. THAT'S the way to do Survivor.

  4. Holy shit! That is so funny because I have this uncanny knack for spotting people on drugs i.e. vicodin, etc . . . and I could have sworn that The Sham was loaded on the show, but then I thought there was no way. Survivor is way too strict. Ha! I HAVE THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL! Okay, maybe it's not a gift. Maybe the whole fucking world is on prescription drugs. My point is, Sham rocks! Not because she was loaded but because the bitch can work a neck. Rock on Sham. Rock on.

  5. Just imagine the love hairy love that could have occurred with a Shambo/Rupert coupling...awesome stuff - thanks

    Is it All Stars yet ?

  6. Just throwing a thought out there- does Lucifer's demeanor at the reunion give away a bit of info about HvV? If he indeed had already been out for 20 and back before the finale of 19, but obviously before 20s finale his obvious unhappiness gives us some clues. I'd conjecture that he may have gotten an early boot by trying to manipulate a group that would be a lot more cut-throat than his previous tribe. That could explain why he was so busted up at the reunion for Samoa, on top of losing the million.

  7. You might be onto something Anonymous. I'm not sure it depicts an "early boot" per se, but I'm willing to go out on a limb and say he doesn't make it to the finale. He was super pissed after 19's finale and continued being pissed on Facebook. Tha't not the demeanor of someone who might just win 20.