Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The BItch Is Back!

Greetings Survivor Fans!

The Bitch is back for another mythical magical, and sometimes ridiculous, season of Survivor. Every week I'll be posting my witty, borderline genius recaps for the world to enjoy. Look for posts to go up on Thursday afternoons. I encourage (nee demand) lengthy comments and look forward to sparring with each and every one of you over which cast members rock and which ones suck ass.

In all honesty, I'm only just now watching all the Survivor vids and I'm already salivating. Anything is better than the clusterfuck that has been Big Brother 12. I've been knee deep in that crap all summer and the stinky unhygienic heathens that are the Survivor cast are a most welcome change.

So, get ready, set your DVR's for the time change (it's on WEDNESDAYS now), and meet me here every Thursday!

The Bitchy Network will be hosting a Survivor Fantasy Game so join the Survivor Bitches Group and take part!

I'll be posting cast vids all day. Until then, please to enjoy Dimples' take on it all...


  1. Too bad that Survivor doesn't have live feeds!
    I will be here with ya for every blog!

  2. Yeeha! all these months of being on the fringe while you've indulged in Big Brother...finally, I'm *sobs* home.

    Thanks for the posts La La, your hard work is very much appreciated.

    Bring it ON!