Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chase: Death Brother

Next up is Chase. I didn't want to like Chase because he works for NASCAR and I think driving around in circles in goofy moustaches is just plain silly, but his story tugged at my wee teeny tiny heart and brought a tear to my eye. Chase, like me, recently lost his dad and his life has been turned upside down because of it. The life he once knew and enjoyed just isn't there anymore and now he's stuck in a pile of shit that never seems to go away, where everyday brings a new insurmountable challenge, and the only peace you'll ever find is at the bottom of a gin bottle... Uh yeah, that's what Chase said. Not me. Not me at all.

Please to enjoy:


  1. Chase is one of my early favorites. I hope he is as great on the show as he is on the video. I hate it when they are nothing like their videos.

  2. Chase is a wait and see for me. Just from his video I want to like him, but I liked Erik too a couple seasons back and he disappointed me up until he was clotheslined....by the clothesline...you just can't make that shit up and it never gets old every time I see it. I will give this guy a couple weeks because I really want to like him because he seems like some good ol' country boy that I would hang out with.

  3. I like him too. Very down to earth and realistic.