Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jane: My New Shambo?

Awww could Jane be my new Shambo? That gap in her teeth makes me want to crawl inside and get cozy. Stories from the farm with rabid beavers and armadillos causing chaos are like sweet little lullabies to my hardened heart. She's sassy and has, what I like to call, gumption.

You know I've got a soft spot for the whacky and weird underdogs and Jane could easily be my star this year. She's gonna tell it like it is and whip those old fogies into shape. Bless her heart.

Please to enjoy:


  1. I like Jane....just because she reminds me of the luscious one herself...Shambolicious....oh and she reminds me of my grandma. I found myself wanting to volunteer to be this ladies grand daughter after she said she didn't have any yet. I pretty much like anyone who would kill a fox for chasing her dog....that's how us southern folks roll....take that PETA!

  2. Love your take as usual!!! I also love to pull for the underdog. I think she is going to give them hell and not take any crap. I already have a soft spot for her because we are from the same area. Gotta love a southern girl!!!!

  3. Loving Jane! She's the only one so far (except maybe Nascar hunk) that I want to root for.

  4. Grandma Clampett when she was younger and hotter. Gotta love a woman who's not afraid to wear blue eyeshadow.

  5. Holy shit, how old is she?? She's either in her 60's or has lived a really hard life.

    Honestly, she reminds me a little too much of people I see every day. "Ignorant and proud" isn't really that endearing to me. Maybe I'm wrong. I hope so.