Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jimmy J.: He Does Something With Foozball

Apparently, this guy is some sort of famous sports person. I've gotta be honest here... sports, to me, is watching surfing on the North Shore or cheering when Shawn Johnson sticks her landing. Let's just say, I watch ESPN solely for the cheerleading competitions. I'm not really one of those beer drinking football watching kind of gals. Sure, I'll fake it for a relationship, but it's not like I'm cheering on the Redskins when, say, America's Next Top Model is on another channel at the same time.

Jimmy definitely has an interesting challenge being a famous person and all that, but what's the deal with him? Is he a total asshole? Will he delight me with profanity laden rants? I'm not getting much from his video so I'm gonna need you guys to help me out here a little. What's his reputation?

Oh wait a minute... doesn't he do penis commercials?

Please to enjoy:


  1. With Jimmy Johnson you can either love him or hate him. I think he will be an asset to his tribe, but I don't think he will use what he has to be an asset for his tribe. He needs to be the leader and if he don't take that role it might be a mistake for him. I think he would be better off to lead his team I mean what would it hurt....it worked for Troy Aikman and he is still alive and kicking?

  2. In response to Ravie30; Aikman may be alive and kicking but old Jimmy is known for abandoning all teams for the sake of himself. There is now way Miss Lala that you will like him at all. He is a know-it-all of the worst kind. Catch a glimpse of him Sunday mornings on CBS and you will see. To his credit he can be very funny. Good luck to any alliance he forms because if any of the survivors watch football they will already know he is not a team player.

  3. Lala, when you create your all-dance-movies station, throw in a few spunky cheerleader movies and I'll be glued 24/7...
    As for old Jimmy - I know who he is but don't know much about him. I'll give props to the semi-famous rich guy who's on Survivor simply for the adventure and love of the show, but overall I'm feeling very meh about him.

  4. What is Jimmy Johnson doing here? He going to lead a tribe til they start losing then defect?

  5. I'm with you Lala. I have no idea who he is, nor do I care. The only time I watch football is during the superbowl, and usually I wait for the game to start for 30 mins before I start watching so I can fast forward through the game and watch the commercials.

    Seems like a bossy asshole to me. He'll probably annoy the hell out of me.

    Oh and I think the one with the penis is Mike Ditka.

  6. @ Susan: Jimmy's on Fox.

  7. LOL--penis commercials....yeah I think he does Enzyte commercials.

    You should come watch football with me one Saturday. You'd love it.