Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jimmy T: Polidented Pescatarian

Ok let's ignore the fact that that's the worst Survivor publicity photo in the history of Survivor photos and get to know Jimmy Tarantino.

Jimmy T is actually the online casting winner. Let's be real, online castings rarely work out, but you know what? I kinda like ole Jimmy. He has no clue what the hell Survivor is and he's a commercial fisherman. Together, that's kind of endearing. His dentures fascinate me and I think he'd be a hell of a guy to have a beer with.

Good luck Jimmy T!

Please to enjoy:


  1. I like him too...I think he will pull his own weight and not whine about it and I like that. I hope he sticks around and I think he needs to hook up with Dan...so they can own that beach..and make everyone swim with the fishies!

  2. Those are some fancy biters!!

  3. I dunno...he sort of has "first one voted off" written all over him to me.