Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kelly B.: Hop-A-Long Kelly

Jesus Christ do I feel quilty having the nerve to bitch about my hot water heater being broken. Kelly's story reads like a Greek tragedy. Her dad was killed in the Haiti earthquake while trying to help feed the poor and, if that isn't bad enough, bitch only has one leg. Today, in honor of Kelly B. I won't complain when my DVR flips off too soon or if someone cuts me off in traffic (although I will give them the finger). I'm going to be a better person and appreciate all that I have... even if that is a leaky propane valve which almost killed me with vapors and now makes my showers FUCKING FREEZING!!!

I don't have much to say about Kelly other than "mad respect". Good for you. Rock it out for all the one legged gals. I pray there's a self-centered princess type that'll look like an awful reptilian in comparison.

I do have one question though: If she has to swim, will her leg rust? Oh, come on... you were totally thinking the same thing!

Please to enjoy:

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  1. I like her. She's had it tough but she doesn't seem bitter about it, just grounded and down to earth.