Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kelly S.: Not Your Winner

Today we meet Kelly Shinn. *sigh* Do we have to? I'm so sick of mediocre girls saying they're more than a pretty face.

Kelly was homecoming queen and she like thinks she'll like have the best social popularity game in like the history of Survivor ever. Elisabeth Hasslebeck is her Survivor hero because she like played with "smarts". Look, Elisabeth is many things. "Smart" just isn't one of them.

Kelly will plan ice cream socials and panty raids and she'll like be the belle of the ball. Oh shut the fuck up you dumb bitch. I predict a quick and early departure for you and, you know what? I'm not the least bit sad about it.

Please to not enjoy:


  1. Yeah, she lost all my votes/sympathy, etc. when she announced she liked Elisabeth. Yuk.

  2. does anyone understand how she can still be on this show yet they haven't featured her at all... it's like she's the zombie cast member.

    you don't see her interacting or speaking with anyone nor playing the challenges. she's invisible. i've never seen a more off screen cast member.

  3. ^
    Agreed. I don't think I've seen her speak once! No offence...but the producers kind of need to focus more on her, even if she is a barbie. LOL.
    I like to call her 'Zombie Kelly'. :P

  4. Why is this post getting so many hits today? Weird. It was written months ago. Click on the home page or any of the more recent dates on the side column for my show recaps.

    P.S. I call her Insignificant Kelly now. ;)