Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Marty: Lucifer's Cousin?

Marty may look fatherly on the outside, but I'm thinking he's got a few of those fiery embers we all love so much burning deep within his soul. I wonder if he's a distant relative of Lucifer (Russell Hantz) or perhaps he's Richard Hatch's long lost brother. I don't know where he came from (California) or what he does (technology exec), but he's got danger written all over his face. As my middle name is "Danger", I think Marty and I will get along famously.

Marty is also one of those Everest-climbing, Ironman-competing, adrenaline junkies which means he's fit and equipped with a "do or die" mentality. I can easily see him being the leader of the Centrum Silver tribe.

Mark my words... we've got our villain.

Please to enjoy:


  1. This guy has some evil eyebrows and I like it. I think you are right in saying that we have our Villain for the season...I just hope this one don't punk out like the last one. Just sayin!

  2. Ok, I really like Marty. I think he will do well with the physical aspect of the game and he comes across as really smart. I wish I had seen his video before I posted my picks for the Bitchy Survivor Nicaragua Fantasy Game. I think I would have picked him over Brenda.