Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NaOnka: Firecracker Rainbow

I'm going to either love or hate this girl. Some might interpret her confidence for cockiness, but I'm not too sure. If she kicks ass in the challenges, then NaOnka is the real deal. If she sucks and spends all her time bitching and moaning, then girlfriend is all talk and I'll be glad to get rid of her early on. Something deep down in my blackened soul tells me she might be the one to watch. Nanook (that's my new name for her) could very easily be the life of the party. She has a clever way of turning a phrase and I dig that.

And, who am I kidding, I have to have a soft spot for a gal who calls herself a "firecracker and a rainbow".

Please to enjoy:


  1. I really dig her voice. I think I like her.

  2. Oh Lord.

    Did this chick just cite her prowess at the long jump as demonstration of her preparedness for Survivor? This city slicker is in for a rude awakening. My money is on Nanook whining 12 hours in about sleeping in the rain.

  3. NaOnka clearly made this blog. She looks like a down syndrome Moesha

  4. Fucking idiot. I wrote this like 2 weeks ago. Why not get up to speed and read my recaps of the episodes before you jump to conclusions?