Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Princess Alina: Not A Pretty Face

First up is Alina. Alina's reason for going on Survivor is to "prove I'm not just a pretty face". Uh oh, I rolled my eyes too much and now they're caught up inside my skull.

I shall have fun with this princess. Perhaps I'll curse her with genital warts or something. I'm not sure yet.

As I'm in a hurry to get all these cast vids up in a timely manner, let's skip the formalities where I call her "delusional", "rah-tarded", and "nauseating" and just cruise on to the video where she tells us she's pretty about 20 times. Call me crazy, but girlfriend isn't really all that.

Please to enjoy:


  1. she's not all that. I mean part of me wants to show her my weewee but she's not all that

  2. All I could think was "I didn't know Rachel had a sister!"

  3. I hate her attitude, personality and just about everything about her. Come on folks. How many dirty old men on the cast are going to be smitten with her? ummmm all of them. LOL She is not exactly hard on the eyes. I pray her laugh is not like Rachel's. Pixie

  4. she's an over-dramatic loser and a major bitch! glad she's gone. she's also ugly as hell.