Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tyrone: Ya Can't Use My Phone

I think ya better call Tyrone... and tell him come on. Erika Badu knew her shit when she sang those words. Tyrone is one cool cat who'll save the day, put out a fire, plunge your toilet, and make the Crips lay down their gats. What's not to love about this guy? He rose above his circumstances, did something good with his life, yet will probably cut you ear to ear if you cross him the wrong way.

I'm thinking he has no tolerance for bullshit and the lazy women in his tribe will be the first to go because of it. I'm also envisioning Tyrone tangling antlers with Evil Marty a little further down the road. In that case, I'll have to pick a side and kick one of these gentlemen to the curb. It might end up being Tyrone. His one fault is he wants to play with integrity. Screw integrity! I can't work with integrity like I can pure delicious mouth watering evil.

Please to enjoy:


  1. I really wanted to like Tyrone (fireman et al), but there is just something about him that irks me. Not sure what it is.

  2. *help you get your shit* That's my song.

    Anyhoo - I like Tyrone. I like that he's had "altercations." (WTF?) I think he will get into lots of fights and I just lurve that. Yay for Tyrone!