Friday, February 12, 2010

And Right On Cue... You're Crying.

Samoa. Nestled deep in the South Pacific amongst thousands of tiny little islands. In fact, I think it's where Thousand Island dressing was invented. One day a tribe of tomato eaters clashed with a tribe of mayonnaise makers and, well, I don't have to tell you the rest. Their contribution to the salad dressing industry speaks for itself. Tribal warfare has a long and colorful history in Samoa and the Samoan people's reputation in the 1800's for being a savage and warlike race was well earned. They've battled the Dutch and they've battled the French. But when the news of twenty American reality stars reached the natives in present day millenium years, they did what any proud people would do. They booked a boat to Tahiti and got the hell out of Dodge. They'd much rather surf in peace sipping rum punch on the beach than have to do deal with Burnett's ego and, quite honestly, I can't say I blame 'em. Enter the Americans.

It began with a sound on the wind. That chugging, that churning that can only mean we're about to get one of the most beautiful helicopter shots this side of a Jerry Bruckheimer film. Chig chig chig chig chig... chig chig chig chig... cue the soundtrack... It's that uplifting action movie crap we all love. Strong magestic sounding notes coupled with sweeping aerial photography that gets my no-no going and a tear of pride forming in the corner of my eye. Waves crash below in the crystal blue waters and we begin to get glimpses... a pant leg, a hat, an arm, a tattoo, a necklace, and then... an eye. At this point I'm already spent. I'm lighting up a cigarette and giggling. I can't stand it. It's too good, it's too exciting, it's too adrenaline inducing... it's too fucking perfect for words! Welcome to Survivor Heroes V. Villains, bitches! This is what dreams are made of.

We've met them all before. We know their reputations. We've seen them at their best and, by golly, we've seen them at their worst. The Heroes sit in silence, their capes billowing in the breeze of the helicopters. They look hopeful and eager with promises of success and ponies in their future. Over in the Villains aircraft they're smug, arrogant, smirks on their faces and an overwhelming amount of opportunites to annihilate their opponents waiting for them patiently on the beach. The gentle hairy giant known as Rupert tries to tell us that 'good' will win. I put my cigarette out on the kitten at my feet and I just laugh and laugh. Silly man! Thankfully, a voice of reason takes over. It's Lucifer (Russell Hantz) fresh off of Survivor 19 telling us it's a fact that Villains are smarter than Heroes. "It's a proven fact." He insists we google it. I did. I marched right over to my laptop and punched in "Are villains smarter than heroes?" I never got my answer cuz it took me to an Asian porn page, but I'll interpret that as a resounding YES! If you can't trust Lucifer, who can you trust? I mean, come on, seriously.

And then it happens... the line I wait for every season... I'm getting tingly all over just thinking about it... Dimples stands alone on a mess of rocks, violent waves crashing all around him, and we hear it... 39 DAYS, 20 PEOPLE, 1 SURVIVOR!!! *throws confetti in the air* I throw my top off and twirl around my living room. Hay day doh dee doh dee doh doh... I study the opening credits for clues, quickly decide I'd rather not know, and go back to my half Irish, half Salsa gyrations.

Back in the helicopters Rupert/Grizzly is all excited and as giddy as a schoolboy - albeit a very hairy schoolboy. Coach, the Dragon Slayer, takes what little time he has left in the chopper to close his eyes and embrace the wind. He reaches out his arms and hogs all the power of nature for himself. No wonder my flowers died this summer! That damn Coach was hogging all the nature juju. Lucifer tells us he's actually a little nervous. The starpower of Boston Rob and Parvati might just be too much for him. And then I hear it. That voice I've been dreading. Galumpy (nee Amanda) starts talking about how she's nervous and might puke blah blah blah. Bitch, shut the hell up. And then I kicked her out of the helicopter. It had to be done. Galumpy had to go.

The helicopters sweep into the shore where Dimples is waiting. He's slow, he's dramatic, he's methodical. You can totally tell he's about to pee his khakis from all the excitement. He welcomes the teams and asks Boston Rob how it feels to be a Villain. Rob looks confused, glances around, and asks innocently, "I'm a Villain?" That's all it took. Welcome Boston Rob to my good graces. I think you'll enjoy it here. Feel free to stick your tongue out at Galumpy. Where you are now is one place she'll never be.

Without much dilly dallying the players are thrown into their first challenge. In the grand tradition of Survivor the reward they're playing for is fire. You need it to cook, boil water, and burn socks in. Fire is imperative. Players are instructed to team up into pairs of two. 2 Heroes and 2 Villains will race to unearth a bag. Once they have the bag, they'll battle it out to see which player can run it into the end zone to score a touchdown. First team to 3 wins. Survivors ready, GO!

(Screencap courtesy of Diabolical)

First up it's Stephenie & Cirie playing for the Heroes with Parvati & Danielle (who the fuck is Danielle?!) playing for the Villains. Cirie gets the bag out of the sand first. Parvati leaps into the air and tackles her. Danielle tries to steal the bag. Parvati snatches it away. Stephenie throws out one long tanned leg and trips Parvati. It's a mess of boobs and anger I tell you! Parvati's top falls down. Colby, on the sidelines, jumps up and down cheering for boobies. Cirie linebacks Danielle. Courtney screams, "Break her shoulder!" Parvati hears it and, well, she tries to break Stephenie's shoulder. Now, I don't recall Jeff telling them this was prison rules Survivor, but I'm eating this shit up with a spork. You know those plastic utensils you get from KFC? Half spoon, half fork. Yeah, those things. Spork it up bitches, spork it up. After Parvati chomps off Stephenie's arm, Danielle manages to grab the bag. Her boobs flop out of her top and she races to the end zone to score a point. VILLAINS -1, HEREOS-0

Well, this got off to a deliciously violent start. I just sat here rubbing glitter on my cheeks (ass cheeks) while trying to pick my jaw up off the floor. Twitter even paused for a millisecond out of respect. The Villains are high fiving each other proud that the goat's blood they drank in the helicopters actually paid off. Off on the Heroes side the mood is quite diffferent. Stephenie stands there with her arm pulled out of it's socket hanging limp. She's clenching her teeth and wincing in pain while Parvati stands a good distance away wiping the blood off her lips. A curly haired medic with a funny accent arrives. With one hand she pushes Stephenie's head away and with the other hand she yanks Stephenie's arm violently and in one swift movement we all hear CRACK! *shivers* Made my bones ache to hear that. Jeff curls up into a ball and cries. Stephenie, on the other hand, stands up, shakes it off, and saunters back to her tribe. Wow! Bitch is a bad ass. Mad respect Steph... mad respect.

Round 2. It's Galumpy & JT for the Heroes and Jerri & Randy for the Villains. Maneater Manthey gets the bag first. Galumpy tries to yank Maneater out of the sand hole. Meanwhile Randy and JT are either wrestling or making out. Someone from the sidelines shouted, "That's some country right there!" so I'll assume they were making out. JT manages to escape from Randy's carresses, he gets the bag, and races to the finish line. HEROES -1, VILLAINS -1

Round 3. Uh oh... it's Coach & Lucifer v. Colby & Tom. This is gonna be ugly. All 4 men race to the bags. 3 start digging while the Dragon Slayer lies in wait. He's watching, he's studying, he does a Karate Kid pose and readies himself. Lucifer gets the bag. He passes it to Coach who promptly gets tackled by Colby. They tussle and grab each other's man parts. Meanwhile Lucifer has Tom by the ankles and is literally holding him upside down trying to shake all the good out of him. Jeff whines, "Play faaaaair!" Colby and Coach take turns dragging each other to the finish, but it's Coach who gets the last drag and the score is now, VILLAINS -2, HEROES -1

Tyson, who hardly got any air time this episode, tells us Colby may as well become a woman now because he just got his ass handed to him by Coach. We all laughed and wondered why Tyson's bathing suit is so teeny tiny. Oh well, that's a question for another day.

Round 4. Sugar & Candice v. Sandra & Courtney. It should be known that I hate Sugar. When I hear the name Sugar I think of Marilyn Monroe in SOME LIKE IT HOT not this pathetic excuse for a person really named Jessica Kiper. Bitch complained once on her twitter that people only follow her because she was on Survivor. Duh. Why the fuck else would they follow you you useless waste of space? I'm changing your name to Splenda. Sugar is too good for you. Anyhow, Courtney gets the bag first. Splenda tries to leap in without messing up her hair. Sandra tackles Splenda and the bag flies free. In a moment of genius, Sandra unhooks Splenda's bikini top. Splenda is unphased, leaves her top behind, grabs the bag, and actually manages to score a point. Dammit! HEROES -2, VILLAINS -2

Round 5. James & Grizzly v. Tyson & Rob. What's the point really? James is bigger than all three of those punks put together. I knew this wouldn't end well for my beloved Villains. Rob takes the Coach method and waits for the others to dig. The bag is unearthed and Grizzly starts to open palm smack Rob in the face. Tyson, who weighs all of 100 lbs, gets in a minor tussle with James, but James simply picks up Tyson and places him to the side. James barrels into the end zone and HEROES WIN REWARD!

The Heroes jump up and down kissing and holding hands. Their chests swell up with pride and they prepare to skip back to their camp only... a Grizzly is down. I repeat, a Grizzly is down. Rupert announces, "My toe is broke." He said it so matter of factly, so nonchalantly, so bad grammarly that I had to smile. He refuses medical attention and says, "I'm not getting put out of this game because of a toe." Good man Rupert. Now tell me, there are small woodland creatures living in your beard, right?

I never get my answer and the tribes retreat to their camps. The Villains refuse to let this loss get them down. Lucifer, in particular, is used to losing to a bunch of "dummies". Once at camp he wastes no time getting this game started and immediately approaches the mysterious Danielle as soon as he can. He tells her, "I want to go to the final 2 with you." She likes his aggresive style and makes the deal. Not two seconds after, Lucifer approaches Parvati making the same offer. Parvati is no idiot. She knows Lucifer is scrappy. Although how she knows is a mystery to me. 20 was filmed right after 19. How could Parvati possibly know Lucifer's reputation? This mystery (and my horrifying case of lice) will have me scratching my head for the rest of the episode. Anyhow, Parvati knows making a deal with Lucifer is like making a deal with the devil and that, unsurprisingly, is what's so appealing to her. The evil ones can always sniff out one of their own. It must be the heady musky scent they all give off.

Over at the Heroes camp, they're making papier mache butterflies and playing Ring Around The Rosies. They giggle and coo all leaping into the pretty blue water together. Their skin sparkles and JT announces that "that was the best challenge ever!" Galumpy just stands there awkward and fidgety ruining the whole fantastic scene of bliss and sugar plums. She's been alive for twenty some odd years yet bitch still can't get used to her own body. She always looks like she's fighting her height and tree stump legs. Her long gangly arms twitch and try to cover her stomach. She shifts side to side not knowing whether to speak, walk, or fall down dead. I vote fall down dead, but that's neither here nor there.

Colby, probably completely thrown off kilter by Galumpy's awkward presence, announces that he's a little miffed he got owned by Coach. He's a Hero for crying out loud and that tussle with Coach wrinkled his cape something awful. Now he needs an iron and there are no outlets and *sigh* it's all just a big headache! Then out of nowhere 3 chickens, a rooster, a plate of foie gras, some seared scallops, baby carrots, and an arugula salad gets released by a production assistant hiding in the trees. The Heroes look at each other and decide, "Yes, indeed it is good to be a Hero." They throw a fishnet over their gift from Production, cover their bodies in teeny tiny baby's breath, and braid each other's hair. Galumpy isn't invited to the festivities so she just stands on the sidelines clapping like a rah-tard.

Back at Villain Central, the crew is twirling their moustaches and musing over how great it is Rupert broke his toe. Tyson wonders if when it falls off they can eat it for dinner. Coach relives the magic of humiliating Colby while Jerri, completely transfixed by the Dragon Slayer, hangs on his every word. What is this? 1 day into the show and we already have a budding romance? Between the Maneater and the Dragon Slayer no less! Seriously, Jerri, I'm sending you a fruit basket. Do it up Black Widow. Jerri, receiving my telepathic messages of urgency and respect, sighs erotically and croons that she wants to be a "warrior". Coach's eyebrow raises and he's in love. The rest of the camp chuckles and wonders if they'll be able to sacrifice little Black Widow babies to their dark lord and master if they're in a bind in the future. Lucifer is especially titillated by the prospect of fresh infant's blood so he encourages the match and proceeds to pen a one word letter to Patti Stanger. All he wrote was "Ha!". You see, he's the best matchmaker that ever lived not Patti.

Back at Never Never Land (Heroes Camp), JT and James are busy making an alliance. JT knows he can never win against James, but James is big and strong and he can protect JT from wild boars and Galumpy. They seal the deal with a kiss and JT scurries off to make even more deals. JT has already won the million so in addition to being a charming good ole country boy he's got that million dollars hanging over his head. He needs all the help he can get and I kind of dig that he's willing to do anything to cover his ass. Colby just happened to have his X-ray glasses on when this was all going down so he runs to Candice (who the hell is she?!) and tells her to look out for James and JT. Colby has his tights in a twist and he's uber paranoid this time around. Candice tells him to calm down. She shows him how to straighten the seam on the back of his hose and they begin to discuss who they need to watch out for. Galumpy worries them because, well because she's fucking annoying, but also because she's got friends there from past seasons. Cirie worries them too. Maybe they're as flummoxed as I am and can't figure out how she became a Hero. Who knows? In the end, they come to the conclusion that people with friends from past seasons are bad news and should probably be split up. Good plan. Will they stick to it? Hell no.

Tom for some reason reminds me of Captain Sully. I have no idea why. They're not physically similar at all. I just get a pilot vibe from him so I think I'm gonna call him Sully from now on. Anyhow, Sully approaches JT and tells him that they should stick together. They've already won the money and if they can get to the final two together it increases both their chances of winning. Ending up in the final two against a "nonwinner" would do neither of them any favors. Sully has a good point and JT is no idiot. He knows how magical the Miracle On The Hudson was so they shake on it and another deal is made.

Over at Satan's Lair For The Wretched (Villains Camp), Boston Rob has had about enough with the lazy ass vibe his teammates are giving off. They're not trying to make fire, they're not trying to find water, and they're half assing the shelter. He announces he's not pleased and Randy just points at him and laughs. "We're villains!", Randy bellows. "Work is beneath us. We'll get fire eventually. Now let's kick back and play tic tac toe in the sand." Rob spits on him and goes off to find two sticks to rub together. Seriously, I'm not making that up. He goes off to rub two sticks together! Actually, I'm kind of thinking he went off to sacrifice something precious - perhaps a puppy - cuz when he got back he rubbed his logs, blew into his hands, and fire came out. What the fuck! It was beyond awesome. Randy practically fell on his ass and broke a hip from the shock.

Coach, on the other hand, is in awe... dare I say "love"? Maneater better watch her back cuz Coach wants a piece of that succulant Boston Creme Pie. He swaggers over to Rob and asks, "Can I suck your dick?" Rob smiles and nods while Lucifer lurks in the wings mad that Coach didn't ask him first. Lucifer is the magical one not Rob! Lucifer tells us he's the King and Survivor is his palace. OK Lucifer, you were good in 19. I'll give you that much, but remember how we discussed that pride was your downfall last season? Well, you need to start listening to me buddy. I know of what I speak. Pride, especially ignorant pride like yours, will always get in the way. Envy is pretty bad too. Don't be jealous of Boston Rob this early in the game. It'll cloud your judgment. Trust me. I deal with envious bitches all the time. They're always trying to steal me leprechaun and me lucky charms.

While all Rob had to do was blow into his hands to get fire, Grizzly Adams spent the better part of an hour shaving off half the magnesium they won with nary a spark to show for it. He walks off in frustration, looks up to sky, and wonders if maybe there's a way he can pull the sun down and steal a little flame. In the 30 seconds it took Grizzly to come up with his sun idea, Colby had a roaring fire going back at camp with everyone roasting marshmallows and singing campfire songs. Score one for Colby. Zero for Grizzly.

The Heroes decide they've had a full and fun-filled day so they settle in to get some shut eye. They're at the precise moment when the Sandman sprinkles his dust. The Land Of Nod is merely a breath away. That is, until Splenda decides this is as good a time as any to find her protector and cozy up to a sexy man. Translation: Be very annoying and wake up as many people as you can. She marches over to Colby, wraps her pale limbs around him, and talks with enough decibals for the Villains to hear her. Colby swats at her like she's an annoying fly and begins to count the days until she's gone.

The next day the Heroes awake groggy and hungry. It's day 2 and they already want to kill a chicken. Dimples may say repeatedly that fire is life, but to Colby chicken is life. For some reason, he thinks one chicken divided up amongst 10 people (12 if you count James) will provide all the nutrition and magic they need to win. JT thinks this reasoning sounds good. Actually, I think he just really wants to kill something. Anyhow, he grabs a chicken by it's neck, swings it over his head, and someone (I can't remember who) sits in delighted horror and tells him he's so country. They eat their tiny morsels of chicken, grab their capes from their metal lockers, and skip off to the Immunity Challenge.

Six tribe members must assemble a boat using 7 wooden planks. They have to paddle out in their boat, retrieve a puzzle, paddle back, take the boat apart, solve a puzzle, build a ladder with the planks, do the hokey pokey, and ring a bell or light a fire or something. Survivors ready, GO!

Both teams get working on their boats, but the Heroes quickly pull ahead. Must have been the chicken. They're in the water way ahead of the Villains and are paddling like a Crew team from Harvard. Maneater Manthey is watching from the beach cursing the Heroes and all they stand for. She shakes the bones in her pocket, spits water out into the air, and waits for the voodoo to work it's magic. Meanwhile, the Heroes are already heading back and dismantling their boat. They hand off to the puzzle solvers who include Galumpy and Splenda. I was worried, but when I saw who was put in charge of the puzzle solving for the Heroes, I kicked off my heels began to slowly dip my toes in glitter.

As usual, I was right. The Villains catch up and Sandra puts that puzzle together like it was made by Fisher Price. The Villains assemble their ladder, play a round of gin just for shits and giggles, climb to the top, and ring their bell. VILLAINS WIN IMMUNITY!!!!!! They fist pump each other and swagger back to their camp leaving the Heroes to ponder what the hell went wrong. I mean, they ate the chicken and everything. That should have worked! Splenda starts to cry and Dimples promptly makes fun of her.

Back at the Losers Lounge, Grizzly just stands there stunned. He can't believe that just happened. It finally dawns on him that Survivor is a tough game. Meanwhile, Splenda start talking to herself and offering random people coconut. Galumpy can't stop fidgeting to save her life and Colby's still pissed he didn't get a good night's sleep.

Colby and Stephenie want Splenda out. Splenda wants Galumpy out. Cirie wants Stephenie out and Sully wants Cirie out. This isn't going well at all. Colby argues that Splenda is an emotional wreck and messed with his beauty sleep. The others argue that the strong have to go home first. Sully states it's a mistake to let smart strategic players like Cirie stick around for too long. I kind of want to say that he's right, but then I have a flashback to BB11 and how letting Jordan stick around as long as she did completely fucked up the sanctity of the game. I'm kind of torn, but in the end I decide that having either Splenda or Galumpy go home will make me happiest.

This brings us to Tribal Council which is now situated 40 ft in the air without a roof. Whose bright idea was this by the way? Dimples greets them with the compulsory "fire represents life" speech to which Colby shouts out, "Nuh uh! Chicken is life!" Dimples ignores him and asks Sully how important a role are prior relationships in this game. Sully tells him how he landed the plane without killing a single person and Dimples groans and moves on to Galumpy. She spouts off something rehearsed that I can't really remember. Seriously, who pays attention to that lump of uselessness? I can recall James being impressed by whatever it was so I'll just assume she made a complete sentence and leave it at that. Dimples points at Splenda and tells her she fucked up the puzzle. Splenda doesn't care. She doesn't think someone should be sent home for not performing well. Hmmm maybe you're right Splenda. Maybe they should be sent home for being anoying fucktards who wakes up their tribe in the middle of the night.

Alright, enough jibber jabber. Let's get to the votes... SPLENDA, SPLENDA, SPLENDA, SPLENDA, GALUMPY (!), SPLENDA, SPLENDA... The first person voted out of Survivor Heroes V. Villains is SPLENDA!!!! *begin fanfare* Good, bitch is gone. I can't stand her and having to write about her for more than one week would have really pissed me off.

So, my little lovelies, what did you think about last night? Are you as excited about this season as I am? Are you Team Hero or Team Villain? Are you pleased Splenda went home? Do you think Lucifer is out of his league or right up his alley? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Have You Always Wanted To Be On Survivor?

Have you always wanted to be on Survivor or be part of Tribal Council? Well, bitches this is your lucky day!

A Sears representative just contacted me with some very cool Survivor casting news. The good people of Sears have fabulous taste in blogs if I do say so myself, but I digress. As it turns out, Sears and CBS are running the First-Ever Online Survivor Casting Call.

There's not much time left so if you're gonna act on this you better do it quick. I'm just going to copy the info verbatim so I make sure not to get any of it wrong.

"To audition, you just need to upload a creative video showing that you have what it takes to win Survivor and it could get an audition in LA. From now until February 21st, you can submit your video online, from which the SURVIVOR™ casting team will then pick the ten best. Fans will then get to view the top ten and vote on their favorites until March 5th. So far we have been receiving some incredibly interesting audition tapes, but we want to make sure that both the SURVIVOR™ casting team and the folks at home who will make the ultimate decision of who to 'send to Hollywood' have the best group to choose from. We are trying to get the word out quickly as first round of auditions ends in less than two weeks. Once the videos are uploaded to the site they are instantly viewable, as well as embeddable, giving the fans at home the ability to promote their favorites from the get-go."

Does this mean I get to make fun of the people auditioning? I think I like the sound of that.

Seriously, at least one of you bitches has to do this. How cool would that be to have a Bitchy Survivor Blog reader actually on Survivor?! I'd have to buy the world some gin and sprinkle glitter from an airplane if that happened.

Here is the official Sears/CBS Press Release and all the info you need to take part:


Web site will offer casting video uploading and voting, All-Star Moments and Ponderosa behind-the-scenes video clips

Los Angeles and Chicago, Jan. 20, 2010 - CBS and Sears today announced the launch of a first-of-its kind SURVIVOR™ “Casting Call” online contest*. One lucky fan will win a trip to Los Angeles to audition in front of the SURVIVOR™ casting team for a potential spot on an upcoming season of the popular CBS reality series. After nearly 10 years, SURVIVOR™ remains a top 20 show in viewers and top 15 show in the adult 18-49 category, continuing to dominate its time period in all key ratings measures.

Entries and Top Ten Selection From Monday, Jan. 18 through Sunday, Feb. 21, fans can visit the Sears-sponsored hub at sears and upload a 30 to 60-second video of themselves explaining why they think they could win SURVIVOR™. The top 10 entries will be selected by the SURVIVOR™ casting team.

Voting and Winner Selection On Monday, Feb. 22, the top10 selected videos will be opened to the general public for a vote. Fans can vote for their favorite submissions up until Friday, March 5. The winner will be flown to Los Angeles to audition for a spot on the show.

"Sears is thrilled to work with CBS to support the casting call for SURVIVOR™," said Richard Gerstein, senior vice president, marketing for Sears Holdings. "This is a new and unique way to allow consumers to engage and interact with both the CBS SURVIVOR™ brand and the Sears brand. We are constantly looking for ways to offer our customers enhanced experiences and are proud to be the first major retailer to offer the chance to become a reality show contestant through this online engagement."

“SURVIVOR™ single-handedly defined a new television genre, and we’re proud to see its success and popularity continue among millions of fans,” says Jeff Clark, vice president of “Working with Sears gave us the opportunity to reach out and give back to the huge SURVIVOR™ fan base in a unique and exciting way. Providing fans of the show a chance for a live casting opportunity will not only encourage users to engage with’s online SURIVIVOR™ content, but will also allow them the chance to possibly see one of their own on an upcoming season.”

Fans who visit the Sears-sponsored SURVIVOR™ Web site - - will also have access to exclusive SURVIVOR™ content from the upcoming SURVIVOR™: HEROES VS. VILLAINS season. Additionally, the Web site will include an All-Star Moments Video Page, polls, embeddable widgets, and the popular Ponderosa series featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the castaways right after they have been voted off the show.

Twenty former castaways will return to compete on SURVIVOR™: HEROES VS. VILLAINS, when the 20th installment of the Emmy® award-winning series premieres with a special two-hour episode, Thursday, Feb. 11 (8 to 10 p.m. local time) on the CBS Television Network. SURVIVOR™: HEROES VS. VILLAINS will reunite some of the most memorable, heroic and controversial castaways from previous SURVIVOR™ seasons. SURVIVOR™: HEROES VS. VILLAINS is hosted by Emmy® award-winning host Jeff Probst and produced by SEG, Inc. Mark Burnett is executive producer and David Burris and Leisa Francis are co-executive producers.

The 20th installment of the groundbreaking series coincides with its 10-year anniversary. For more detailed information on the previous seasons, please log on to .

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington, D.C., 18 (or age of majority) and older. Void where prohibited. Entry Period ends at 11:59:59 p.m./PT on Feb. 21, 2010. Contest ends at 11:59:00 p.m./PT on March 5, 2010. For Official Rules and more information about the contest go to: .