Monday, February 14, 2011

Bitchy Survivor Fantasy Game Is Back!

As Christian Slater said in Pump Up The Volume, "You can smell it. You can almost taste it - the rightness in the air." Rightness in the air, my friends. A Survivor kind of rightness. We're only a few days away now and that means that the Bitchy Survivor Fantasy Game is back!

The lovely and talented Creme Tangerine puts together a fantastic Fantasy Game every season and this time around we want it to be HUGE. The way you earn/lose points is easy. Simply pick three Survivors and every time they do something like get their junk blurred, make fake Idols, sabotage camp, get into a fight, etc., you earn points. If your picks get injured, share the Idol clue with someone else, quit, break something, etc., you lose points. You can find the full list of how to earn/lose points at the Bitchy Network. You MUST be a member of the BN to play. The game is located within in the Survivor Bitches Group on the Main Page.

This year I'm awarding an Amazon Gift Card to the winner so get your asses on over to the Bitchy Network - the place where bitchiness comes alive - and join the fun!

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