Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grant: Touchdown Dog

Grant is 29, teaches yoga, and used to play in the NFL. He loves his wife, enjoys surfing, wants to find his true self, and fancies himself to be a good leader. So far he sounds a little like Matthew McConaughey only without the naked bongo playing thing and bad Sarah Jessica Parker movies. He seems nice enough I guess. No highfalutin talk or any "I'm smart. I'm really smart. Hey, look how smart I am." proclamations. So far, so good.

Where Grant really tweaks my nipples is when he declares his disdain for people who say "like" all the time. Like, he really like hates people who like talk like Insignificant Kelly. Tell me you spread glitter all over your ass cheeks just for fun on a lazy Saturday and you and I can be best friends Grant.

This love affair must end so let's check out his video where I'm bound to be annoyed.

You know what? I like him. He's just an all around nice humble guy. His hair needs to be set on fire with his kundalini, but other than that I kind of like Grant. He's down to earth, not hamming it up for the camera and seems to have a realistic outlook on the game. He'll do well in challenges and maybe for kicks he'll put his feet behind his head. Gooooo Grant!


  1. Very interesting, well-organized blog to which I want to return.
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  2. I'm so glad I can roll my r's with my tongue because Grant's grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

    Me likey....

    ~ Jen

  3. He's high. He's obviously very high. Look at the dreads. That'll be convenient in the jungle. I can't hate on that. I don't like people who say "like" all the time either. But why are his shorts so short in that picture?

  4. What's not to like? He's obviously off his tits on whatever pain medication he's on for the career ending injury he sustained, but who am I to harsh his mellow?

    I like that he's looking forward to experiencing his lowest ebb to see how he copes with gotta admire that sort of motivation.

  5. Very interesting, well-organized blog to which I want to return.