Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sarita: Salaciously Sagacious

We're nearing the end of our journey through the players of Survivor: Redemption Island and thank god for that cuz I'm sick of getting up before 3.

Alright, so today we meet Sarita White. Sarita is a 36 year old Visual Effects Producer from that mysterious casting state of California. Sarita likes to live, laugh, love and says one of her favorite hobbies is lying about in various stages of repose. As that sounds vaguely Jane Austenian to me, I can respect that.

Sarita also describes herself as "sagacious". As I'm a master wordsmith, I'll assume that's a typo and insist she meant "salacious". Let's watch her video, shall we?

Bitch lied! She's nothing like Jane Austen! Jane Austen would never talk about pooping in an outhouse. She'd merely gesture languidly is the general area of the outdoors and then go back to needlepointing a tablecloth. Also, I'm pretty sure this Sarita chick is nuttier than a fruitcake. She's got that wild unkempt look in both her eyes and her hair. I don't give her very long. Her tribe will tire of her quickly.


  1. I stopped watching at 'mongolian urn'. I had no clue what the fuck she was talking about.

  2. Bitch actually thinks that her mothers pregnancy with her was something akin to Moses and the promised land. That's what you get when your mum does too much LSD while she's pregnant. Fucking hippies.

    She does however pick the villain twist like a snotty nose. I hear LSD flashbacks can trigger psychic abilities.

  3. I think she meant a Mongolian ger... perhaps not. Weird chick.

  4. She's my choice for the very first week's Fantasy pick based on her weirdly skinny and overly-brown right leg in the picture.

  5. yeah, it's a mongolian 'yurt'.
    (not that we care.)

    'Controlling' will be here downfall. That's a particularly bad feature for females to have in this game. Guys can get away with it--partly because they may have physical attributes that make it worthwhile to keep them around, and partly because men are just culturally allowed to be controlling without being considered to as 'bitchy/crazy'.

    I hope she tells more stories of her LSD-induced childhood memories. that would be fun!

    ps--A foreign film plug for "Mongol". If you like those beautiful epic landscape type films, this one is pretty great! (And you'll see lots of yurts!)

  6. I found out 'sagacious' really IS a word. I too consider myself a bit of a wordsmith and had never heard that word but I came across it last night in a book. It means 'shrewd'.

    Who knew?!

  7. LOL I knew it was a word. I was trying to be punny I guess.

  8. Still showing my ignorance, what is a mongolian yurt?

  9. Jennifer, a yurt is like a beefed-up tent...or a hut. Traditional yurts actually look like a hut, but work like a tent--as they're portable. There are companies that make pretty fancy (and big) yurts nowadays, so it's hard to say how rough she was livin' back in the day. (Pacific Yurts is probably the biggest manufacturer.)

    ...On another note, I'm so excited to see what Ms. Lala will have to say about last night's epi!! I read Dimples' blog, but it was 'meh'...nothing like our fabulous wordsmith!

  10. "Yurt" is the Russian pronunciation, whereas "ger" and more accurately "gyer" or "gher" is the Mongolian pronunciation. I wonder why Sarita hasn't mentioned the huge white Victorian mansion she lived in during her teen years in the suburbs of Boston... Interesting....

  11. From Roget's thesaurus:
    Definition: smart, judicious
    Synonyms: acute, apt, astucious, astute, cagey, canny, clear-sighted, clever, cool*, discerning, discriminating, far-sighted, foxy*, gnostic, heady, hip*, insightful, intelligent, keen, knowing, knowledgeable, perceptive, perspicacious, prudent, rational, sage, sapient, savvy*, sensible, sharp, shrewd, smooth, sophic, wise, witty

  12. She's my choice for the very first week's Fantasy pick based on her weirdly skinny and overly-brown right leg in the picture.