Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Edna: Wait And See

Next up is Edna Ma, a 35 year old anesthesiologist from Los Angeles. Edna cites Oprah as her inspiration and lists "going to new restaurants" as one of her hobbies. Hey, I like female billionaires and good food too so I guess I can't hate on that too much. Looking through her CBS profile, it's all pretty standard stuff. She wants to do Survivor for the experience, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, she loves to travel, she's determined, yadda yadda yadda.

Under pet peeves, Edna lists "idleness, liars, and deception." For your sake, Edna, I hope that only refers to real life and not Survivor. If you look at Survivor's birth certificate, "Deception" is it's middle name and I, for one, like to wrap myself up in it like a fluffy lavender scented comforter. I'm looking for a bad ass female villain this season and so far I'm coming up empty handed. Could you be my villain Edna? I like the juxtaposition of a name like Edna for a ruthless villain. Let's check out her video and see if she's "the one":

Uhhh, ok. Well, she's definitely not the female villain I was looking for and I can't figure out why she talks. like. ummm. this. and. chooses. her. words. so. fucking. carefully. It's either nerves or she's an off the chart perfectionist scared to say the wrong thing. Also, why the caginess about her start-up company? Is it a secret? Is she peddling propofol on the side? These are things I need to know.

I think I'm on the fence with Edna. Something about her is wise-cracky and confident, but at the same time I'm extremely bothered by the fact that she says she's not a good liar. I'm going to put this one on my "wait and see" list.


  1. oh yer online now eh?

    actually Edna is my pick to win...


    if she's on the same tribe as Coach she is the most likely to orchestrate his exit.

    It does appear kinda a lame cast..

    but she's old enough to have smarts and (seemingly) fit enough to get through the early rounds.

    yeah, I want a female villian this season too.

  2. I think she's talking.like.that because she's nervous. I get a good vibe from her...she certainly has bitch potential. So far she's probably the best on offer...here's hoping they're saving the best for later!

  3. I think she is the one who is starting up some business selling bikini area pre/post-shaving treatment or something- at least one of them said that on the TV Guide preview, but I'm not sure if it was her.