Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jim: Don't Bogart That Can, Man

This is Jim. You know what Jim does for a living? He's a medical marijuana dispenser and I am hereby renaming him "Mary Jane". Mary Jane has also worked on Wall Street and won over 40 poker tournaments. As poker players tend to be total dicks, my hopes are sky high for Mary Jane. Get it? "High"... I'm here all week folks.

Alright, I've got to see Mary Jane's video. Please don't let me down, please don't let me down...

You know what? I like him. I'm down with Mary Jane. Confident, spontaneous, big personality... that's the recipe I'm looking for. Now someone mix that into some brownie batter and let's party.


  1. Seems OK. He reminds me of Richard Hatch for some reason...maybe it's his cockiness. The cast certainly seems to be improving.

  2. I like MJ. He's the type (much like Spike and kristina) that I could root for to go all the way. Because of that, he won't be my pick to win because, well just look at my track record. Guys like him have a lot of game and therefore get behind the 8 ball really early on. Good luck MJ. I like you, therefore you're doomed. Sorry.

  3. @Jen- I feel the same exact way. Unfortunately for him, I like him, so I am sure he will go early. Dimples seems to think his weakness is women.