Thursday, September 8, 2011

Keith: Don't Touch The Hair!

26 year old Keith Tollefson hails from the great state of Minnesota and works as a water treatment tech. I think that's a nice way of saying he wades around in pee. I'm not sure. Anyhow, Keith is very proud of the fact that he graduated college and moved to Hawaii for two years. As an avid surfer, it was his dream to bum around the North Shore and catch some gnarly waves. I once went through a surf phase where I wore a lot of Roxy and used bikini tops as bras. I didn't actually surf, but I watched Blue Crush a lot so I think that counts.

Keith hates it when people talk behind his back and that makes me wonder if he'll ever read this blog. He also dislikes rude people and that makes me think he definitely won't be reading this blog. Let's check out his video and see what he has to offer:

Is he related to John Travolta and is that Eve's boob tattoo on his arm? I've got to be honest, I'm not feeling Keith too much. His hair is too distracting. I'm jealous of it's volume and poofiness. And did he say something about having to change his batteries every 8 or 9 years? That could be fun if he's a robot. A robot of a guy from Minnesota trying desperately to fill the mold of a surfer. Personality wise he's kind of a dud. I hope I'm wrong though because Staying Alive is my favorite movie and I'm chock full of Travolta quotes.


  1. I think Keith kind of looks like Dr. Will from Big Brother....wonder if they are related?

  2. Ooooo. I bet there's gonna be an Ozzy - Keith survivorman vs wild type show down! Loves it.

  3. B

    Seems nice enough but nice isn't what I watch this game for!

  4. He has a pacemaker so that's why he has to change his batteries. That is kind of like a robot though!

  5. I'm hoping Keith can be JT to John's Fishbach.