Monday, September 12, 2011

Mark: Nurse Jackie

Next up on our list of victims is 48 year old retired NYPD Morgue Detective, Mark Caruso. As I would think a morgue would be an easy place to find (just look for the sign outside that says MORGUE), this is probably a made up occupation. Besides, who retires at 48?

I caught a little snippet of Mark on that TV Guide Network Survivor special so I know he's out and he's proud. He's a soft cuddly bear who talks like a Soprano, but at the same time would probably brow beat an old lady to get his hands on a set of fetching damask curtains. I could learn to love him. Let's check out his video:

Aww, how cute is he? Yo Mark, got your age wrong or one of youse is lyin'.

Since Mark is sassy, cuddly, and left his job as a ruthless morgue finder to become a registered nurse, I hereby dub him *drum roll* Nurse Jackie! I don't know how long Nurse Jackie will last as I think he may be a bit of a clutz when it comes to challenges, but I like his determination and he's got a good attitude. Best of luck Nurse Jackie. Now, how 'bout a scrip for some oxy's?


  1. He seems OK but he doesn't seem convinced of his own capability. He's talking the talk but his walk's got a limp in it. I think he's just there for the experience, which is fine, but I wouldn't put money on him going very far.

  2. Hunting? What hunting happens on Survivor? What the hell is he talking about?

    Agreed, Nurse Jackie is cute. I hope he makes it!