Friday, February 10, 2012

Bill: Carrot Bottom

Next up is 28 year old Bill Posley from Venice, California. Bill is a stand-up comedian so naturally I have high hopes for the lad. If there's not a red clown nose in his pocket for spontaneous hijinks and he doesn't say, "Pull my finger!" to at least one person on the first day, he'll be a big disappointment as far as I'm concerned. This ex-military funny guy likes to "push himself to the limit" yet he hates cliches. Ha! He is funny.

Let's see what Billy Boy is all about.

This was how I expected myself to react:

Instead, my response went something like this:

Oh Bill. So much promise. So much patchouli. So much Ecstasy at Burning Man. But where were my laughs, dude? Not one banana peel in the whole video! Look buddy, get your act together and weave me some side splitting yarns. You can't have a head of hair like that and not store at least 20 pencils in it. Ditch the mala beads and get yourself a carnation that squirts water. I'll be here for the next 85 weeks if you need anymore stand-up advice. Namaste.


  1. I still have some hope for the guy- I'm hoping he gives some good confessionals.

  2. Yes, you can tell from this video his sense of humor is out of control. You would not want to use this opportunity to display your comedic talents, would you? Sounds like he will be a "struggling" comedian for some time. Also, no one knows about military survival training? Sounds a bit like an arrogant pusshead who will be voted off quickly. Also, how does someone not hear about Survivor until season 20? I am not buying that at all.

  3. He's a vet, so he has my respect. Whether he has my vote remains to be seen.