Saturday, February 11, 2012

Colton: Light The Embers

As a fan of alliteration, I'm prepared to embrace 21 year old Colton Cumbie with open arms. And when I read that his pet peeve was "when ugly people think they're hot", I sent him a fruit basket and a bowl of glitter. It's like we're related.

Colton loves everything about Survivor and could care less if we love him or hate him. That's the spirit! All he wants to do is play, strategize, deceive, and shove it all in his dickhead stepfather's face when he wins the million dollars. Wow. It's like he's Emily Thorne and his verbally abusive stepdad is Madeline Stowe. Please don't disappoint me Colton...

*tear* And we've got ourselves a villain, bitches! He's heaven wrapped in velvet and dipped in chocolate. The only problem now is that I'm a little concerned about the same sex tribe thing. Can he bond with the men in a way that he'll survive the vote week after week? Will we get to see this unlikely character blossom into a full grown villain person with fiery embers in place of a soul? We can only hope.


  1. Southerners are so multi-dimensional and Colton is no exception.

  2. His video gets my vote as having the best background. Its FABULOUS.

  3. Love your title "light the embers". ha ha.

    I chuckled when he said, "I believe you only live once". He's obviously very deep to have such a belief. Inspiring.