Saturday, February 11, 2012

Greg: Thunderbolt Of Lightning

Greg Smith is an eccentric 64 year old who's legally allowed to cut people open with knives. In fact, he's rather good at it. With a string of Plastic Surgery awards under his woven hemp belt, Greg proudly enters into the Survivor arena. You see, Greg is "of the jungle". His words, not mine. Tarzan is his hero and Coach Wade is the Survivor he most identifies with. Apparently, swinging from vines is second nature to this unlikely doctor as is traipsing around in a loin cloth. His other hero is Scaramouche. But not any old Scaramouche, the Sabatinni version. From what I can figure out, this Scaramouche character is a swashbuckling roguish clown with a penchant for black clothing. In other words, a recipe for reality TV awesomeness. The real question is: Will he do the Fandango? Let's see if Dr. Smith lives up to the hype...

Oh bless his heart. He survived a plane crash and escaped the head hunters. I kind of want to climb into his lap and let him tell me stories of when the Venezuelans kidnapped him and made him live in a thatch hut for 79 days while he simultaneously gently tries to coax me into trying Juvederm. I'd tug on his whiskers and tell him I'm much too young to need Juvederm yet. He'd laugh heartily and agree. Yeah, that's how it'd be. Just Dr. Greg and me.


  1. Looks to me like the good Doctor has availed himself of a few hair plugs. Nothing wrong with that....just saying....