Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jonas: Lunesta Roll

Utah resident Jonas Otsuji is a 37 year old Sushi Chef. Like the brisk staccato chops of a knife wielding Sushi Chef, Jonas' bio is also brief and concise. He likes to cook, loves his family, and knows how to build a shelter. I'm not getting a real read on this guy from his stock answers so let's check out how he comes across on camera...

*snore* Is there tryptophan in Spicy Tuna Roll? Holy Ahi, this guy is a snoozefest. What's the house specialty, a little Uni dipped in liquified Ambien and dusted with chamomile flowers? Unagi glazed with Propofol coming right up! Sonata Blossom. Trazadone Tempura. Hamachi Halcion. Buy 2, get 1 in heaven because you just overdosed.


  1. Wonder if he'll perk up once the meds wear off ?

  2.'s so good to read your stuff again. I am back to laughing at work, AND on a Monday no less. Life is good.