Monday, February 13, 2012

Kourtney: The Crow Flies Straight

Kourtney Moon is another 29 year old from Texas, but this chick isn't peddling gowns to bridezillas. Nope. She's tuning up your carburetor, lubing your gaskets, and tightening your pistons. Miss Kourtney just happens to be in Motorcycle Repair and as far as I'm concerned that makes her a member of the Sons Of Anarchy. Immediately I'm envisioning her weaving in and out of gang crossfire, engaging in one night stands smelling of whiskey, and heading late night drug runs to Tupelo. She greets each day with a grease smeared face, some guy's phone number written across her breast, and a wrench in her back pocket.

But if we read further, we discover that Ms. Moon is a knitter who can't stand it when people enjoy the smell of their own farts. She also doesn't like narcissists, cheaters, people with low moral codes, and sociopaths. Let me guess... A two-timing arrogant prick screwed you over and rode off into the sunset? Happens to the best of us, darlin'. At least you're not bitter. Heh.

I want to like her, but I'm bothered that she wants to play with integrity. If history has taught us anything it's that people who go into the game wanting to be "nice" either lose or bore us to tears. She's super cute and likable, but I'm getting a meek mousey vibe from her. I'm not expecting much as far as entertainment and scandal with this one. There's a tiny waft of insecurity there and I predict that that will be her downfall. Nice girl, but can she slice some throats along the way? The magic eight ball says: NOT BLOODY LIKELY.

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  1. I like her. She's the rare one who isn't bragging on herself. She seems genuine.