Monday, February 13, 2012

Leif: The Imp

And this brings us to Leif Manson. Little lovable Leif. Leif is a nugget of cuteness from San Diego, California. He says he's a Phlebotomist which I can only assume is someone who sneaks through doggie doors to steal from the rich and give to the poor. I assume this because if I was a little person, this is the job I'd assign myself. I'd also hide in orange traffic cones and scare the construction workers when they showed up to work in the morning, but enough about me. Let's get to know Leif.

Leif can smoke a turkey like nobody's business and says his daughter is his inspiration in life. He enjoys paintballing and weightlifting and refers to himself as a "handy man". I wonder if he means reaching up ladies skirts for a tickle or doing odd jobs around the house? Nevertheless! Let's check out this wilderness savvy adventure seeker for ourselves...

Not only does he steal iPads and jewelry, but he steals blood!

I'm a little dismayed he shops as the Russell Hantz Douche Warehouse, but I'm willing to overlook that and let Leif leap into my arms for a little cuddle anyways. It'll be fascinating to see the tribe dynamic mutate and take shape around this guy and I hope the other contestants are as open-minded and tickled pink as I am to have this little ball of lusciousness taking up very little room in the shelter. You know that wall climbing challenge they do every season? Just hurl him over. Foot in palms, then flick. That's how you resolve that problem. Little doesn't mean bad. Little means opportunity.


  1. Instant turn-off. The Russell Hantz fedora doesn't help.

  2. I agree that people will misjudge Leif, just like I think he has misjudged the complexity of his job. "There's definitely a lot involved in being a is physically and mentally demanding; it is such demanding work..." Really? Drawing blood? Is physically and mentally demanding? Are you drawing blood inside of an Ebola cave in Africa or a USAMRIID Bio-Level 4 center or drawing it vampire style? Cause all of the people that have ever drawn my blood have been borderline obese.

  3. Ok, the orange traffic cones and the ladies skirt comment made me laugh.

    And John Sciacca - you and I think alike. What a wuss for thinking his job is physically and mentally demanding. Good grief.

    I am worried that this guy will be like Cochran and hang around because people don't want to be mean to him and vote him off. Small person aside, he's annoying.