Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monica: The Dark Horse

Monica Culpepper is a 41 year old Ex-NFL Player's Wife from Tampa, Florida. I had no idea "Ex-NFL Player's Wife" was an occupation, but according to CBS.com, it is. If I didn't know any better I'd say "Ex-NFL Player's Wife" is a cult - it's all "My husband this", "My husband that", "My husband won an award", "My husband is so smart", "Are the sister wives ready for dinner?".

Since Monica gave up a career in medicine to follow her husband around with a bowed head, she's now ready to step out on her own and play some Survivor. Sure, when she gets back, a special cup of Kool-Aid will be waiting for her, but that's the price you pay. Hare Krishna. To the video!

You know what? I like her. There's a fire in her eye and determination in her heart. It's ok that she has 127 children with 13 sister wives. So what! I'm looking for the craftiness of Kristina Kell with a little more shelf life. These older broads know what's what. They've lived. They've toiled. They've persevered and that makes them excellent bitch people to join my bitch village. She's right - with experience comes wisdom... and a family compound in Mexico with armed guards. If she mentors the younger girls without coming across as bossy, this one could easily last past the Merge and that's why I'm calling her my dark horse.


  1. Uhm...not so much. This one can't get enough of herself. Hope she's gone quickly.

  2. I loved reading your blog! Very entertaining! Please check out mine and follow me...keep writing!