Monday, September 17, 2012

Dana: Elfin Pixie

Next up is 32 year old Cosmetologist Dana Lambert. Dana comes to us from the great state of North Carolina and she looks like an elfin pixie. As I am partial to anything mystical, magical, tiny, and able to poop glitter, I like Dana already. Dana is an outdoorsy gal who can not only camp like the Brady's, but dabbles in home renovation. She may look petite, but you should see her when she has a sledgehammer in her hand and is screaming, "Tear down that wall!" Positively frightening, I tell you.

If there is one item Dana would like to bring with her on the island, it is a pair of tweezers. She fears her brows will grow together into a lovely plush headband. Personally, I'd like to see that for the chuckles alone. Plus, I think we all remember the tweezing of the armpits montage we were all privy to that one season. *shudders* Anyhow, Dana says she is most like Boston Rob and, like our Latina friend Abi-Maria, she wants to play Survivor for the money. *cha-ching!*

Let's see if she talks like a wind chime tinkling on the breeze. *fingers crossed* Please to enjoy:

Oh. My. God. Look at those giant eyes. She's too precious for words! I just pressed pause because not only is she an elfin pixie personified, but she said "nekkid" and I'm cracking up right now. The accent, the suspenders, the whimsical talking out of the side of her mouth... Dana is a spiky gift from above. The juxtaposition of the tough southern no nonsense gal against the saucer eyes and delicate frame is pure magic. I'm especially pleased to hear that she's an alpha female. We need more leaders than followers in Survivor so don't let me down Dana!

Dana is another Survivor who has touched base with me so, naturally, we like her already. She's looking forward to reading the blog and I just know she smells like jasmine and lollipops. I wonder where she hides her wings when she wears tank tops like that...

So, what do we think of Dana? With her home renovation skills, will she rub the men the wrong way when building the shelter? Or will she deliver a fetchingly lovely Antebellum manor with an outdoor koi pond and manicured gardens? Comment it out bitches!


  1. Just read all the cast profiles you have up to this one. SO DARN EXCITED! You should see my desk...there is glitter everywhere now. I already like Dana and I haven't even watched the video yet (at work)...and I have a Brazilian friend so I like Abi-Maria too. Hoping for more interesting / strong women than Prunes and Moustache turned out to be.

  2. Dana is another favourite going in so far. I am sure she can hold her own, hope she's not outcasted because of her delicious tatts.

  3. Oh I sense a bad girl just under the surface.

  4. Maybe call her Gypsy? It's tattooed on her front piece ~