Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tell Me About It, Stud

Due to gale force winds, giant storms named after Grease characters, a last minute change in work schedule and extreme laziness, there will not be a Survivor blog this week. Fret ye not, gentle souls, I will return next week renewed, rejuvenated, restored, reenergized and resplendent. Until then, feel free to comment about last night's episode and answer the following questions in the comments:

Is Dangrayne the worst Merged tribe name yet? (Note: Scurvy (Jonathan) revealed on Twitter that the CBS censors wouldn't let them call the tribe 'Fucking Rayne'. Um Duh.) What clever new name should I give Dangrayne? Contest!

How excited were you that Shakira (Abi-Maria) kicked RC's ass in that Immunity Challenge? Did you go loca with gaiety? Oh come on, you know you did.

Where the hell did those votes for Prickly Pete come from?

Did the right person go home?

Would a tribal bongo/panpipe version of the Facts Of Life theme song be the best music to play whenever Blair (Lisa) is onscreen?

Comment it out bitches and have a great day! I'll see you back here next week.