Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sherri: The Stepford Survivor

Next up is 41 year old Sherri Biethman from Boise, Idaho. Sherri is a fast food franchisee and says her personal claim to fame is finding the right diagnosis for her autistic son. Her inspiration in life are her parents and clutter/dirt drives her mad.


Allow me to make a side note here - a side note and a plea to future reality contestants - THIS is how you fill out a questionnaire. Come on, people. Entertain me! Everyone loves their stupid parents and hates dirty things. Be creative! Get my juices flowing. En-ter-tain me.

If Sherri could have three things on the island they would be: a toothbrush, coffee and a computer with wifi. If I could have three things on the island they would be: a sack of glitter, a barrel of gin and a greased up Extra from Spartacus with a vasectomy.

Maybe Sherri is just bad on paper. Let's find out for ourselves. Please to enjoy:


"I'm here to win. I'm here to prove you can do it. I didn't leave my family not to win. You can do it. I'm 40. I want to win. Oh yeah, I have a husband. You can do it. I have kids. 1, 2 kids. No, wait, there's a third one I think. Yeah, 3 kids. You can have 3 kids too if you want. You can do it if you want it and I want it so I'm doing it. I'm here to win."

And then her battery ran out and wires spewed out of her chest. When the smoke started eeking out of her nose, Dimples ran in with a fire extinguisher and covered her with foam. Hot.

So, what do we think of Sherri? Is she related in any way to Jell-O Pop (Carter)?


  1. She reminds me of a blond Sandra Bullock. A very boring Sandra Bullock....

  2. I HATE HATE HATE HATE it when they say that they are here to win. Really? No shit. You mean, that you are the only one here to win? That no one else wants to win? DIE DIE DIE. Save me the trouble and go home now. Thank you.

  3. If the period had come after "...Spartacus", I wouldn't have laughed. It was the addition of "vasectomy" that did it.

    BTW, if I could have three things on the island they would be: a barrel full of morphine, a cd by, uh, Morphine and a red leather catsuit to make me feel sexy.

  4. EXACTLY what anonymous said. I move that her nickname have something to do with Sandra Bullock, or one of her movies, please.

  5. Botox Betty....eeeeeeewwwwww

  6. Yes, she is a blonde Sandra Bullock for sure, with BOTOX. Why do people every think that you can have botox and look natural? It just doesn't work.
    I think she's probably a bitch in real life. So, you might like her Lala.

  7. Meh, not very excited about this one.