Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gervase & Marissa: On Vacation

Known for eating a rat and being the laziest player in Survivor history, Gervase is our only representative from the very first season of Survivor. Colleen must be busy shooting The Animal 2. Nevertheless! It is Gervase they have given us and it is Gervase I am counting on to mastermind Fancy Pants' early departure. Let's see if Gervase actually plans on lifting a finger this season.

Please to enjoy:

I wasn't a fan of Gervase in Borneo, but I'm finding him quite likable here. So far he's the only veteran that is truly acting like a veteran. He's confident yet humble, excited yet careful, wise yet humorous. And Marissa is nothing to sneeze at either. Outgoing and determined, Marissa will either be a major troublemaker or a fierce competitor. I don't see either of the Peterson's sitting in the background letting others determine their destiny.

So, what do you think of Gervase and Marissa? Would Gervase vote Marissa out like he says in the commercials? Does rat taste better boiled or fried? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!


  1. Welcome to another season, hopefully it'll be great. They get that much food and supplies these days Gervase or Marissa won't need to go searching for Rats.
    I hope they both go deep, I think Marissa is going to be a powerhouse in challenges but will she be able to socially mix, don't think she likes being told anything.
    When hitting the beach will gervase stretch the arms out and repeat those famous lines..."that's what I am talking about"

  2. Love all your blogs! I too have watched all the survivors and find myself saying "who the hell is that?" I dont really care who the returning players are, would just like Survivor to be "survivor." I want to see dirt, hunger, despair, scrapes, bug bites and starvation. I'm taking the 'anyone but Colton to win' approach this season.
    Now blog away on the rest of the cast.....please!

  3. Huh, didn't think I would like these two - but I do! They'll be a couple of my front runners, and I hope they go far!