Thursday, September 19, 2013

Don't Let That Fool You!

Metallic and salty. Thick and warm. Dripping, gushing, clotting... splat! Blood is the life force coursing through our veins. It scurries hither and thither reddening up our vital innards... white to pink to red. Red! Crimson, scarlet, vermilion... the colors of life and sometimes strife. But when left unattended without a host, that red turns to crust. Rust. A Cabernet to a brick. Alone without a home... curdle, clabber, congeal. Platelets and plasma plug the pang hardening up into a protective shell like that street urchin orphan without a relative, without a home. Toughen up, Oliver. Consider yourself out of the family. Off you go to join the rest of the wretched Dickensian waifs wandering the Île Rachat until that day of Judgment arrives. Upon check-in, help yourself to a bowl of sand soup and a pashmina of tree bark. This season they are available in Fawn, Doody, Umber and Drab. Here's hoping you like earth tones. Let's recap, shall we?

Our story begins at dusk without a chicka to be heard. Instead, tiny motors slosh and gurgle through the azure sea as our fearless Cruise Director, Dimples (Jeff Probst), stands atop a grassy knoll. I can only assume he will be backflipping off said knoll into a ring of fire all the while juggling knives and wearing pointe shoes, right? I have come to expect danger and amazing displays of death-defying feats of courage over the years from my Dimples. Whether he is tiptoeing along the landing skids of a helicopter or being blown off the top of a rocky cliff, Dimples always gives me the goods... those three lines I wait for every premiere night. Give it to me, baby!

39 Days!
20 People!

ONE Survivor!


*looks around the room* That's it? That's all I get? I invest 85 years of my life writing about this nonsense and THAT'S ALL I GET?!? Womp, womp, womp. We've seen the hands on the hips move before, Dimples. You did it last season. Only, last season you were standing on a pointy cliff with razor sharp rocks and crashing waves surrounding you on all sides. This little hip dance of yours doesn't deliver the same punch when you're standing in a fluffy dewy meadow of perennials. Tell me you at least got bit by a mosquito or a pelican pooped on your head. I realize spending your days tirelessly calling veterans and convincing them to play again has exhausted your phone finger, but let's try to put some effort forth for crying out loud.

With Dimples safely nestled back in his tent getting a "massage" from a local, our ten teams are told to spend the night in the jungle with only their wits to guide them. Unfortunately, for the witless HayDouche (Hayden), this is an impossible task. He looks around himself and asks no one in particular, "Drrrrr... a night in the jungle by ourselves? Drrrr..." And then he tried to crack open a rock and drink its juice. When that didn't work he went to the Diary Room (a tree stump) and shouted, "THIS IS LIKE BIG BROTHER WITH NO HOUSE!"

The next morning at sunrise, the weary and tousled Survivors shuffle to a beach where Dimples awaits. "Welcome to the 27th season of Survivor," he announces. The group cheers and whoops in response. But that sassy Dimples is wearing not only a fetching navy blouse on this early morn, but a smirk and a glint in his eyes. He then continues, "You will experience this game with your loved one, but you will not be playing with them. You will be playing against your loved one." Hearing this, Fancy Pants (Colton) clutches his pearls and gasps as Rachel (Tyson's girlfriend) stares off in the distance through tearful eyes. Laura B. (Rupert's wife) fidgets from side to side as KitKat (Kat) nervously looks over her shoulder to HayDouche who is standing there wondering what time Julie Chen gets there.

Dimples smiles very pleased with himself and continues to poke and prod until the most drama-worthy moment leaks out of someone. He fails with Tina who delivers a ho hum speech about how competition is good for the soul, but he hits pay dirt when he turns to Brad Culpepper. Brad replies that on the surface he'd like to beat his wife, Monica's, ass in every competition. But deep down, down in the ooey gooey mushy parts of his soul, he could totally see himself throwing a Challenge in order for his wife to win a tarp. Oh no he di'in't! Oh yes he did! Hearing this, Marissa (Gervase's niece) stares open-mouthed shaking her head and declares, "Not if you're on MY team! You better not be on my team saying that." A tight-lipped Monica slyly stabs the heel of her stiletto into her hubby's foot with all the force she can muster. Brad quietly winces to himself as a single teardrop falls into the sand. Five minutes into the game and already he's in the doghouse.

The group is then told to say their goodbyes and divide up into their designated tribes. For the purpose of this little bloggy blog, the Returning Players will henceforth be known as WangChung (Galang) and the Loved Ones will be known as Benihana (Tadhana). If you are new here, don't worry. By the time I'm done with you, these nicknames will become second nature. The WangChung tribe is as follows: KitKat, Tina, Grizzly (Rupert), Aras, Monica, Medusa (Laura), Fancy Pants, Gervase, Candice and Tyson. The Benihana's are: HayDouche, Katie, Laura B., Vytas, Brad, Ciera, Caleb, Marissa, John and Rachel. More nicknames will emerge over time quite organically. Players who already have nicknames acquired them on previous seasons.

Now that the tribes have been formed, it is time for each one to vote someone out. Say what? Why?! That seems not only weird, but incredibly unfair. One twist is ok. Two twists is pushing it. Three twists is just plain overkill. Cool it with the twists, CBS. Just let the players play the damn game!

OK so Fancy Pants, hated by everyone and everything, quietly freaks out as Brad lowers his baseball cap as far as it will go hoping no one will remember how he just said he'd throw Challenges in order to let his wife win. Meanwhile, Grizzly looks around himself puzzled as Tyson tears the lid of his marker off with his teeth and happily scrawls down a name.

The Benihana's reveal their votes first and, strangely, almost everyone has voted for Laura B. I say "strangely" because nothing about this woman looks the least bit threatening. She's not a hulking meathead nor is she young and spry. Watching the votes reveal themselves, I couldn't help but wonder what background information we're not privy to.

Next it is the WangChung's turn to vote. The WangChung's have more history together and therefore more scores to settle so their votes aren't as unanimous as the Loved Ones. The votes end up almost split between Medusa and Candice with Candice being the one voted out. The ladies will now be sent to Rhode Island (Redemption Island) where they will compete in a duel to stay in the game.

But wait, there's more! Now that Laura B. and Candice have been voted out, their respective husbands are given the opportunity to take their places on Rhode Island. If they choose to play for them on Rhode Island then their loved one will return and compete on the opposing team. I know, I know, it's a lot to take in and so unnecessarily confusing. At home I was hoping that the person voted out would simply be sent to join the other tribe not be shipped off to Rhode Island so early in the game. Since when do I ever get what I want?

Grizzly, playing the noble and selfless card, hastily runs over to Dimples, shoves Laura B. out of the way and takes her spot. Dimples panics and immediately radios to Burnett back at HQ, "Mayday! Mayday! We have a situation! Our lovable season clown could be sent home early! Mayday!" Defeated and forlorn, Dimples then presents the same offer to Wifey (John gets the first new nickname of the season!). Wifey doesn't exactly react like Grizzly did. Instead, he stands in the sand and cries all over his apron. The apple pie he's holding in his hands gets soggy as his wife, Candice, stands with her arms crossed glaring at him. Wifey and his stupid pies. He's always baking pies! Apple, peach, key lime, rhubarb.

After more tears and more goodbyes we finally end up at WangChung where the returnees fall into a group hug and dive into their chest of supplies. They have a hammer, a machete, but no flint. Look, you pampered peasants. You should have nothing. NOTHING! You would be constructing your shelter with twigs and spit if I had anything to say about it. Hoity toity Aras sneers down his nose and sighs, "I can't believe we don't have any flint." Tyson replies, "On Heroes v. Villains I watched and helped Rob start a fire with bamboo. We can do it." Aras quietly buffs his nails against his shirt and thinks to himself, "No way I'm ruining my manicure!"

Meanwhile, Gervase is throwing pebbles at Laura B.'s head. Each time she turns around to catch the culprit, Gervase puts his hands in his pockets and whistles to himself. He didn't want to play with Laura B.. He wanted to play with Grizzly! Aras agrees and tells Laura B. to her face, "I so wish your husband was here instead of you. Ugh! I mean, you're great. You're fine and all that, but your husband would be SO much better." And then he helped Gervase collect even bigger rocks to throw at Laura B's head.

As the day continues, the WangChung's work well together and manage to not only construct a shelter, but make fire. Their canteens are full, they're eating rice... and even Fancy Pants is helping! Monica isn't fooled by his "good little helper" act though. She played with him back on One World and knows firsthand what a sneaky backstabber he can be. Now, I don't know what sort of Assertiveness Training Seminar the Culpepper's took before arriving in The Philippines, but it's doing their game in left and right. First, we had Brad and his verbal diarrhea and now we get Monica trying to convince Fancy Pants that they should squash all that nonsense that happened back in One World.

Assertiveness Training Tip #1: Be forthright about your wants and needs.

Speaking of Brad, don't look now, but he's holding a group meeting over at Benihana. He tells his tribe that if any of them ever see him not giving 100% in the Challenges, then they are more than welcome to vote him out.

Assertiveness Training Tip #2: Accept responsibility for your own mistakes.

Assertiveness Training Tip #3: Know that you can't do everything or please everyone and learn to be OK with that. 

The Benihana meeting disperses and the womenfolk quickly get back to work gathering nuts and berries and darning socks. In the meantime, Brad and Wifey are splish splashing and high fiving over at Brokeback Waterfall. If his wife taught him anything about Survivor, it was to hit the ground running and start forging relationships by any means necessary.

Assertiveness Training Tip #3: Gather up the dudes, including the gay, and take a bath.

While sudsing up and scrubbing one another's hard to reach places, Brad tells Wifey that they should make one big Dude Alliance. They'll gather up all the guys - and the gay one, Caleb - and that should give them like 67 votes or something. Hearing the plan, the men all grunt and scratch themselves. It's a go! It's almost too easy!

Brad then run downs to the beach to double check the figures on his abacus.

"One gay plus one douche minus my wife plus two grams of heroin. Wait, are there one douche or two douches? Let me start over."

"Two douches plus no John Cochran's and one gay... maybe I should make it two gays. Wifey does cook a lot of pies. OK and two gays... daggumit, I lost my place!"

"I hear the gays like fisting"

Assertiveness Training Tip #4: Math is for suckers!

With the Dude Alliance firmly in place, the Benihana's continue working on their shelter and trying to make fire. But staring into the unlit bamboo, the visions start to dance in a few of the Benihana's heads. Ciera's eyes glaze over as she watches Brad huff and puff trying to get a flame. It reminds her of when she huffed and puffed and pooped out a baby at the age of 16. Shuddering at the memories and the image of Medusa locking her in the closet yelling something about dirty pillows, Ciera collects herself and thinks, "I'll get her back. I'll get my revenge!" Similarly, Vytas stares at the frustration Brad is feeling and remembers his own frustration back in college when he used to scour the back alleys in search of a fix. He recalls his parents' disappointment when he went to jail for that year. That was the year Aras won All-American for something or other, Prom King and Most Likely To Succeed. Vytas inhales deeply and thinks to himself, "It's MY turn now, little brother!" The rage and resentment in these families are totally making my nipples hard, how about you?

Meanwhile on Rhode Island, Candice is training to be a serial killer. She lines up coconut after coconut and assigns each of them a name. Raising her machete high in the air she shouts, "This one is for Fancy Pants!" Thwack! The tiny leaf sweater Candice tied around the shoulders of the Fancy Pants coconut tears in half as his coconut water brains leak out onto the sand. "And this is for Tina!" Thwack! "I'm going to kill you Medusa!" Thwack! Coconut brains and guts litter the Rhode Island shore as Grizzly shakes his head disapprovingly and curls up for a nap. As he snoozes, Candice stands over him watching his chest go up and down... up and down... With an eerie calmness she raises her machete and holds it over high over the sleeping giant's head...

And this brings us to the big Immunity Challenge. Come on in guys! For today's Challenge, Survivors will have to race over a series of obstacles, perform a belly flop, abandon their tribe mates, complete a puzzle and raise their flag. The first tribe to gloat obnoxiously wins Immunity. Survivors ready, go!

The tribes burst off the start and into the water. The WangChung's gain a slight lead as Merman Tyson swims ahead of everyone. The Benihana's, however, are using a different tactic. It's this new thing called helping and apparently it's the latest rage. The beefier bunch assist and lift the womenfolk over each and every obstacle. Perhaps there is something to this "helping" thing after all because the Benihana's pull ahead and gain a huge lead. They successfully untie their boat and begin to paddle back to shore.

But back in WangChung's lane, helping each other hasn't caught on yet as Aras lays splayed on the rolling pin and Gervase sinks to the bottom of the sea. Eventually, Aras manages to dislodge his leg from the spokes of the rolling pin and dives down to retrieve Gervase's bloated body. He hurls Gervase into the boat and the WangChung's attempt to paddle back to shore with KitKat calling the shots, "Go this way! No, that way! I mean, this way!" Naturally, the WangChung's end up paddling in circles creating a drain-like effect and getting sucked into the darkest depths of the ocean.

Miraculously, the WangChung's reappear just in time to battle it out with the Benihana's at the puzzle. We have Caleb, Ciera and Katie against Monica, Medusa and Tina. It's young v. old, daughter v. mother, rage v. resentment. In the end, in this case at least, with age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes focus and speed. WANGCHUNG WINS IMMUNITY!!!

And like all the great reality moments through history and time, a song is born. We've had unforgettable hits like 'Pants On The Ground' and 'Gone With The Wind Fabulous', but none compares with the new chart topper... 'Don't Let That Fool You, Baby!' Sung by Gervase Peterson with passion and zeal, 'Don't Let That Fool You, Baby!' is an anthem for all ages. The lyrics are simple, but full of meaning... "Don't let that fool you, baby! Don't let that fool you! Don't let that fool you! Don't let that fool you!"

Back at Benihana, the mood is dank and depressing. Brad tries to lift everyone's spirits by telling his tribe that everyone gave 100% today in the Challenge. Katie listens to the speech and clenches her lips tight. She choked today trying to finish the puzzle and she's worried that the tribe will hold it against her. Not only that, but her mother beat her! Katie grimaces and thinks to herself, "I'm not going to play with her anymore, ever!"

Marissa is also a little nervous about her place in the game. Her uncle's chart topping hit, 'Don't Let That Fool You, Baby!' may have pissed off the members of her tribe. The problem is that Marissa isn't distancing herself from the Gold Record. In fact, she's making a spectacle and mocking her Uncle Gervase for bad sportsmanship. Watching it all, Katie smiles to herself and shields her body with a bush. The less attention she draws to herself, the better!

So the big question now is who will the Dude Alliance choose to get rid of? Wifey and Caleb aren't too happy about Gervase's showboating after the Challenge. Brad then scratches his chin and wonders out loud if they should get rid of Marissa and send the WangChung's a message. His ideal message would be, "Let's win with grace from now on." In reality, the real message would be, "Suck it, Gervase!"

And this brings us to Tribal Council. Dimples is fetching in cornflower blue and begins the evening posing a question to HayDouche, "What's the toughest part of these few days for you?" HayDouche replies, "Drrr hehe I vote to evict... no, wait... umm fire! It's fire. Fire good. Fire warm."

Dimples then turns to Ciera and asks how her experience has been so far. Ciera replies that all the stories the mother drilled into her head over the years is nothing like being out there and living it for yourself. The hunger is unbearable and she feels like another baby something is clawing at her insides trying to get out. Dimples' eyes immediately widen and twinkle. There is nothing more he loves more than a Survivor having a miserable time. Me too, Dimples!

We then turn our focus to Wifey. "Wifey, you let your wife go live in a rickety shelter with a hirsute fellow and no food. Don't you feel guilty about that? Oooh is that Banana Cream? My favorite!" Wifey sniffles through the tears and nods. He hands Dimples the pie and manages to give a timid smile in response. His wife may be living in misery right now, but pie always makes everything better.

Alright, let's get to the vote. With an almost unanimous decision, Marissa is the first person voted out of Survivor: Blood v. Water. It turns out that sending a message and twisting a knife is more important than keeping a tribe strong. On the upside, 'Don't Let That Fool You!' will be out on iTunes soon!

So, what did you guys think of last night's episode? Did the right person go home? Will Gervase care that Marissa is gone? What does Brad think 4+5 adds up to? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tyson & Rachel: Serial Charm

Last one! We end these silly first impressions with the boyfriend/girlfriend team of Tyson and Rachel. Tyson is another one of those players I did a complete 180 on during his Survivor tenure. Initially, I loathed the boy from Utah, but back in Heroes vs. Villains that loathing turned to like. Over time my heart has grown blacker and I have learned to appreciate the value of a charismatic villain. Arrogance trapped in a low forehead is not only a common trait amongst serial killers, but an endearing quality for a reality star.

Let's see if these two will bring the tomfoolery and hijinks I expect them to. Please to enjoy:

Tyson is serving up charismatic realness while Rachel looks terrified and unsure of her surroundings. It's pretty obvious who will do all the heavy lifting and strategizing in this duo. Interestingly, I think it would be advantageous to Tyson's game to see Rachel go early on. As a result, he'll be more focussed, more vengeful and not having to worry about the welfare of an inferior alliance mate. Or maybe Rachel will shock us all and the duo be wickedly delightful wreaking havoc hither and thither. I'm hoping it's the latter, but I'm not holding my breath.

And there you have it! You have just been introduced to all 19 competitors (HayDouche doesn't count). You are now sufficiently armed to enjoy tonight's episode with familiarity and judgment. My premiere episode recap will be up sometime tomorrow afternoon. Keep and eye on my Twitter and Facebook (links on the upper right) for post updates. Also, this site can now be accessed via if that is easier for you. Cool, huh? The empire just keeps growing and growing. Mwahaha!

Comment it out bitches and I'll see you tomorrow. Enjoy the show!

Tina & Katie: Dead Or Alive

Here we have yet another mother/daughter duo. This time it is former Survivor champ, Tina Wesson, and her daughter, Katie. Tina went from top of the heap in Survivor: Australia to Franconfetti status in Survivor: All Stars. Never has a fall from grace been quite so embarrassing or forgettable. Can Tina bounce back and redeem herself this time around? To the video!

Please to enjoy:

Meh. I don't know. Where once the twang and "aww shucks" thing was endearing, it is now like a claw scraping the inside of my skull. And call me crazy, but why does a champion need her daughter to carry her through the game? If anyone should be the guiding light, it should be Tina, not Katie! Speaking of Katie, she's awkward and unsure of herself with her wandering eyes and uncomfortable grimaces. My favorite part of this interview is when one speaks, the other stares blankly with dead eyes. Tina drawls her way through hand gestures and cliches as Katie stares off into the distance. When Katie fidgets her shoulders and clenches her lips, Tina holds her breath and gazes off into space. Fascinating!

So, what do you think of Tina and Katie? Is there anything interesting here other than the dead eyes? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

Rupert & Laura: Grizzly Eyes

Catch that whiff of patchouli in the air? It must mean that the tie-dyed hirsute fellow and his wife are up next. Meet Rupert and his wife, Laura. Grizzly (Rupert) is one of those players that you either love or hate. In the beginning, I loved him. By the end of Heroes v. Villains I wanted to strangle him with his tank top. He went from jovial and good-natured to entitled and bossy. In an effort to achieve tribal harmony, he'd demand team building exercises and empowerment conferences. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Let's see what incarnation of Grizzly we'll get this time. Please to enjoy:

I am conflicted. I want to roll my eyes and shake my head like a dissatisfied curmudgeon, but I find myself drawn to Grizzly's crazy wide eyes. They are terrifying and intriguing all at the same time. On the one hand, I think the childlike platitudes are an act, but, on the other hand, I can envision motivational quips scrawled in crayon on the walls of his house. What a conundrum indeed! And, you know what? Kudos to them for getting in shape. Perhaps along with his new physique, we'll get a new Grizzly game philosophy - one not rooted in togetherness. Only time will tell.

So, what do you think about Grizzly and Laura? Will Grizzly be kinder and gentler or will he pull his Tony Robbins act again? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

Monica & Brad: Bonnie & Clyde

And now we meet Monica and Brad Culpepper. Monica is the smoking hot homemaker and Brad is the other one. Monica is one of those players that we never really got to know too well and who went way before her time because a pastel t-shirt wearing racist didn't want her around anymore. Well, add her former NFL playing husband into the mix and you've got a power duo hell bent on revenge. And let me tell you, revenge tastes even sweeter when it's at the expense of a pampered white supremacist. To the video!

Please to enjoy:

Awww. The Culpeppers are lovely and adorable and... full of murderous rage! When Monica described how she wanted to repeatedly beat Fancy Pants (Colton) with a large boulder as Brad urinates into his empty eye sockets, I shuddered. I shuddered and then I grabbed my pom-poms and did a cheer.

Who can we humiliate!
Colton! Colton!
Dieeeeee Colton!
*high kicks, roundoff back handspring, split*

So, what do we think of the Culpeppers? Can they take out Fancy Pants in a swift and timely manner? Will Monica auction the bloody boulder on eBay? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

Laura & Ciera: Dirty Pillows

Next up is the mother/daughter duo of Laura and Ciera. Laura says she was the 3rd juror in Survivor Samoa and I suppose I'm forced to believe her. Better yet, I can actually go back through the annals of this little bloggy blog and see what I thought of Laura way back when for Survivor Samoa was the first season I ever blogged. Did I give Laura a nickname? Did I like her? Did I exchange witty Facebook messages with her? Let us find out.

*digs through the Survivor archives*

I did give her a nickname. *smiles* And it's a good one. You ready? Medusa! I am unable to find out why I gave her that nickname, but I did find a quote from my beloved Shambo that pretty much explains it all... "Laura is the head viper. She's the viper queen. She's the evil demon. She's the beast." Works for me! Thanks Shambo.

All that is left to do now is to see if Ciera is the viper princess. Please to enjoy:

Medusa is going to be a handful. As for Ciera, I can't get much of a read on her because Mommy hardly gave her permission to speak. I think I'd like to see Ciera venture out on her own and make alliances Ole Snake Head disapproves of. Let's have Blood vs. Water be Ciera's Rumspringa, a hedonistic romp that would even make a snake blush. Perhaps Medusa will lock Ciera into a makeshift cage to contemplate her dirty pillows. I can't wait!

So, what do you think of Medusa and Ciera? Will Tommy invite Ciera to the prom? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kat & Hayden: Duo Of Douche

And this brings us to the nightmare you see in the photo. He bored us senseless on Big Brother and here he is again to bore us some more on Survivor. Completely devoid of personality and charisma, HayDouche (Hayden) is a boil on the butt of humanity. And unfortunately for her, KitKat (Kat) is now guilty by association. We laughed at her in One World when she opened her mouth and Skittles fell out. We delighted as her Twizzler fingers curled in the sun. And we guffawed when she farted Pixie Sticks and belched Nerds. None of that matters anymore. She's dating that helmet-headed bohunk and now she must go down with the ship.

Try to keep your eyes open if you can. Please to not even remotely enjoy:

(I shall type/react as I watch)

Is he catching flies or trying to form a coherent thought? Dude, close your mouth! No matter how wide you open it, intelligence will not fly in. *pushes play again* Normally, in the everyday world, two heads are better than one. In this instance, two heads are like two rocks banging against each other. Thunk! Clunk! Schlunk! Doh!

Drrrr... drrr... drrr... *makes gorilla noises* Me HayDouche. Me play Survivor. Me talk real good. Ooo ooo aaah aaah. She girlfriend. Me eat nits in girlfriend hair. Mmm good. Drrr... drrr... drrr...

Welcome to your nightmare, kids. We're going to have a good time this season.

So, how hard will the elves in KitKat's head have to work yanking pulleys and levers for two? If KitKat belches Pop Rocks and HayDouche sharts Coke, will they both explode and leave this earth forever? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

Gervase & Marissa: On Vacation

Known for eating a rat and being the laziest player in Survivor history, Gervase is our only representative from the very first season of Survivor. Colleen must be busy shooting The Animal 2. Nevertheless! It is Gervase they have given us and it is Gervase I am counting on to mastermind Fancy Pants' early departure. Let's see if Gervase actually plans on lifting a finger this season.

Please to enjoy:

I wasn't a fan of Gervase in Borneo, but I'm finding him quite likable here. So far he's the only veteran that is truly acting like a veteran. He's confident yet humble, excited yet careful, wise yet humorous. And Marissa is nothing to sneeze at either. Outgoing and determined, Marissa will either be a major troublemaker or a fierce competitor. I don't see either of the Peterson's sitting in the background letting others determine their destiny.

So, what do you think of Gervase and Marissa? Would Gervase vote Marissa out like he says in the commercials? Does rat taste better boiled or fried? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

Colton & Caleb: Southern Harm

Next up is the white supremacist, Fancy Pants (Colton), and the lost soul he actually convinced to marry him. If you'll remember, Fancy Pants was medically evacuated from Survivor: One World when the hatred in his heart decided to dine on his lower intestines and eat him alive from the inside out. Most remarkably though, is that Dimples (Jeff Probst) told us Survivor would never have Fancy Pants back. Well, Dimples lied and the easter egg is back. Let's see if Fancy Pants has learned anything since we last saw him.

Please to enjoy:

I'm not sure CBS will be allowed to air Caleb spitting on Fancy Pants' "fuse". Instead, we'll probably see these two bicker over how Fancy Pants relates to people. Country Caleb will be mortified and Fancy Pants will be self righteous. I'd be surprised if the tribes don't target Fancy Pants right off the bat. I only hope it happens after Gervase kicks his ass.

So, what do you think of Fancy Pants and Country Caleb? Does Fancy Pants have a shot in hell of lasting until the Merge? Will Country Caleb end up spending half his time apologizing for the Imperial Wizard? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

Candice & John: Time-Out Twosome

Candice and John Cody are married and living in Washington D.C.. Apparently Candice has been on Survivor twice before, but you could have fooled me! You could tell me her name was Sally and I'd nod my head and say OK. Or you could tell me that John won Survivor Antarctica and I'd probably mumble something like, "Oh yeah, I think I remember that." Short term memory loss does have its advantages though... everything and everyone is a constant surprise!

Please to enjoy the video:

I'm surprised Candice took the harness and leash off of John long enough to let him sit for the interview. Their dynamic reminds me of another special couple we met earlier this summer - Aryan and Bouffant (David) from Big Brother 15! When Aryan wasn't busy cutting Bouffant's steak into tiny little pieces for him, she'd lecture him for many many hours on the dos and don'ts of how to play the game. I expect to see the same thing from Candice and John. Candice will reprimand, lecture, throw her arms around in an exasperated manner and send John to Time-Out more than you can ever imagine. The irony is that John could easily last longer than Candice. It won't be because of his stealth and cunning though. It will be because Candice never let him out of Time-Out and the rest of the tribe forgot he was even there. Only when John hurls his dunce cap into camp will the tribe remember to let him out of his cage.

So, what do we think of Candice and John? How happy will John be once Candice is voted out? Who will he get to cut his meat for him? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

Aras and Vytas: Cain and Abel

I'm baaaack! And I'm going to fly through this cast pretty quickly this year. To the video!

Aras is about as exciting as a lukewarm glass of chamomile tea. Never mind the fact that I've seen every episode of Survivor and still have no idea who the hell he is. Vytas, on the other hand, has deception in his eyes. Deception, chicanery and, dare I say, a dash of charisma?

I expect jealousy and an overwhelming sense of frustration to consume Aras' every waking thought. The raging green envy juice will course through his veins until one day he'll bludgeon Vytas to death and chuck his lifeless corpse into the formerly sanitary water well. Poor Vytas, we hardly knew ye.

So what do we think of the Biblical Brothers? Will Vytas overshadow Aras? Is the rooster in the background crowing a warning to Vytas? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!